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  2. Random Thoughts

    You talking about the old time religion where they preached the true salvation and guide your path to righteousness that would lead one to heaven. The new religion now, they show you how to make money by dropping your money in the name of seed sowing. Some will even tell you to speak into your seed like you are consulting ifa olokun. They ride in expensive bullet proof jeeps while the poor church members buy themselves the pastors' pictures and glaze them in their homes or in form of stickers plastered on their cars, pastor sef no wan die. I pity the gullible ones.
  3. “My first sexual encounter with a woman.”

    This is one hell of a strappy strap straight girl turned whatever. So damn funny! I'm sure guys will come drooling on her TL.
  4. Today
  5. “My first sexual encounter with a woman.”

    Hahahah those illustrations sha
  6. Battle it Out

    Count me in o. Gracias
  7. Reuse the last word. ..

    Anything is nothing, and nothing may be a thing.
  8. Random Thoughts

    Yea I don't identify with any these religions. Well if you look closely you'll realized that it's not the adherents of these beliefs that are actually petty but the absurdity of belief itself thus making the followers look petty.
  9. “My first sexual encounter with a woman.”

    This is one funny lady. Lmao. See narration. Can't stop laughing.
  10. Reuse the last word. ..

    Phrase could be anything
  11. “My first sexual encounter with a woman.”

    Hahaha. Well, this is funny
  12. Random Thoughts

    Sadly, I would have to agree with you that there is a fundamental flaw with how so many self acclaimed, conventional pastors disseminates the Gospel of Christ. Gone are the those days where pastors hints on the emulation of Christ and truth. Its all about the money now, hence the unprecedented moral decadence. The church has lost its value, so to say.
  13. Random Thoughts

    Nope. I don't find them ridiculous, I just find some of those persons who practice it ridiculous, because of how petty their perspective and outlook towards some certain things are. I presume you're an atheist?
  14. “My first sexual encounter with a woman.”

    Op you want to kill me? I almost choked on my food while reading this. Lol. Damn and some persons would look disdainfully at women who had never being with women when they're approached. Well, there you have it. Y'all need to up your game and stop with the shallow excuses. Lmao...!
  15. Battle it Out

    Hahahaha. Yes o. I will buy, I love me some puff puff☻
  16. A Hilarious Narration that Trended On Twitter The tweep is @afearlessfight and below is her story. Trended a while ago. If you haven’t already followed this, you’re in for a ...
  17. Reuse the last word. ..

    Pronoun is a function word that is used in place of a noun or noun phrase.
  18. Battle it Out

    You see. Nothing bad in asking for things. Lemme coman advertise my zobo with puff-puff.
  19. Battle it Out

    Awwwh.... you won't believe this girls! I have gotten pms from two members who choose to remain anonymous. One has pledged N5,000 and the other N2,000 towards the tournament. A big thank you to our sponsors/partners. God go make you big. PS: There iz also room for adverts... come advertise your kunu and ogi baba here. Take your business to the next level!
  20. Reuse the last word. ..

    myself is a reflective pronoun
  21. Yesterday
  22. Superheroine Name

    Cookie lilac
  23. Reuse the last word. ..

    Me, a name I call myself
  24. Battle it Out

    Hahahaha. The only way I could make that happen is if the winner in each set battles it out with each other such that we have the semi-finals, finals and ultimately a single winner... sounds great! I would think of a prize and announce it here. Donations are welcome! Thanks for the suggestion aunty wa 😁
  25. Superheroine Name

    pizza red
  26. Reuse the last word. ..

    Kimi sounds like kill me
  27. Battle it Out

    I'm in...
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