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  1. Chai...... I must say I love your narration style Abi na wetin them dey call am sef
  2. Chai...... I must say I love your narration style Abi na wetin them dey call am sef
  3. #DFW

  4. what happened here

    That will be great if they do
  5. This is an incredible story please don't stop go on
  6. what happened here

  7. what happened here

    I really don't know what happened to this sweet, unique and exciting ladies we miss y' all big time, don't know if they actually forgot us or their passwords lol . Prisca the founder of our beloved Naijalez since I joined NL I have never seen her comment,Moresko she s no longer commenting don't know if she's still the one on verification section till date, Moderator have never seen her comments either . now members Milaz,milad, daftpunk, simpl386,sexyug,cute,dequeen,fairy,mide,minini,abystacy etc them plenty. You people should not let me go and look for you ooo
  8. See the views on this topic mehn.....why people too like bad thing like this?

    Now am so scared oo