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  1. Vina is my paddy. Vina will not do me dirty like that :/ Is it not Vina? i can leave Kimi in Vinas house sef. All she would so is eye her.
  2. Would you..?

    This encourages the opinion that all women are prostitutes. A male colleague said this recently and it took all the home training i had and then some for me not to tell him "Its your mother that's a prostitute! Your mother, sisters, wife and future daughters". Yes, we do lots of acts of kindness but the end goal isn't always sex. Even in sexual relationships. If you suddenly wake up and say no more sex, that's not going to stop me from buying you chicken wraps on the way to your house. I'd still buy them because you like them, they make you happy. And making you happy makes me happy.
  3. Would you..?

  4. #DFW

    Lol don't worry, DFW will come. Just focus on stacking up so when she does ya'll can be spoiling each other.
  5. Yayyy or Nayyy

    "It's a nice transformation considering where she is coming from." This is mean but i know you don't know LOL
  6. Anon Dating App

    A specific target audience is best. IMO
  7. She cheated and so what??? God forbid bad thing oh... If that other lady was my friend, there is very little that would stop me from confronting her GF and introducing my palms and fist to her face. Violence isn't the way, but as far as I am concerned, if you give it, you will get it.
  8. The site is lovely. Well done Admin. And it was a surprise too. I kind of miss the old color scheme though. And the emoticons. Pleaseeeeeee, bring back the emoticons! And some extras :D I think the most welcome feature so far is the ease with which we can now upload pictures. Henceforth, I shall speak only in memes. Don't @ me. But yeah, its not very mobile friendly. I tried loading the homepage on my pc and mobile at same time. My mobile device was still struggling to completely load up the homepage but on my PC i had successfully signed in and was already going through unread content. It may be a good idea to retain the mobile version of the previous look. If its possible that is.
  9. Yeah, well, you said friends. Anyway, if there are tomboys or effeminate men in your school. Befriend them. They usually always know other gay people. That is if you are comfortable with it.
  10. Random Thoughts

    Good. Its important you do now and then. Too much nice is unhealthy.
  11. #DFW

    So this is what single people go through? Eyaaaa. When they would say ya'll should not form or be picky, una nor go hear. JK JK :D
  12. what happened here

    They won't oh. Fear fear people.
  13. Hot Topic - Gifts

    Her love. I couldn't ask for more. I feel so blessed whenever I think about it.
  14. LOL. Can you identify with these memes?

    LOOOOOL someone sent me that Valentines day meme a few years ago. I died.
  15. Awwwwwn poor Alex. Tell her not to feel bad, she was asking for it. LOOL just kidding. Good stuff as always. Sad ending though but very relatable to a lot of people I'm sure.