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  1. Marriage Marriage

    Have no fear at all. With Althena indicating interest and building an app, be sure of security. Great idea Al!!! Please connect us. My data base is expanding. We have clients to please!
  2. Marriage Marriage

    Ladies, and Others... I present to you, JayZ-Connect Ventures. We are a body of kind hearted persons willing to help you find your Mr. Right. Yes.... A couple of our brothers (I know right? Sounds like incest, but you know what I mean) are interested in meeting ladies who, like them, can't withstand the pressure to get married. So, if you are interested in prospering my match-making business and making us eat wedding jellof rice and amala, or whatever native food you would serve, please send me a Private message so I communicate better in terms of spec, time frame, and other details I shall charge a fee (maybe, maybe not) from both parties. You tell me what you want and I search my database to find a match. Confidentiality is Guaranteed. Your suggestions would be appreciated. Jay'z-Connect... Serving you with love.
  3. "Guilty Pleasurez"

    Right. I couldn't even read through that. Too many loop holes. Something isn't right... You say you are a "core tomboy. Bold stud" and you cried when you found out that your supposed husband is gay. Yes, you can be gender non-conforming and be a bisexual, but this story doesn't quite fit. You felt "strong and tomboyish" that night and forcefully had sex with him... Is it his jean trousers and t-shirt that made you feel tomboyish...? lolz. Somebody is handing out candy at an adult party here. This person is violating this space...
  4. "Guilty Pleasurez"

    One thing I learnt in detecting lie is that liars tend to "re-live" the lie. So they use present tense to describe the scenario because they are creating it at that moment cause it never happened in the past. Just saying...(sipping my agbo). Now let me go back to reading the rest of the story... The first lines intrigued the Sherlock Holmes in me.
  5. The Matchmaker

    Kimi had mentioned that her birthday comes up soon. Did anyone notice that? Happy Birthday in advance or arrears, Kimi! This is good business. You'd be our special guest of honor if matchmaker business is genuine. So, since they say what you pursue runs away but what you don't act interested in comes after you, I don't want sexual escapades, and/or possibly true love (maybe not necessarily in that order), I want just a chat mistress. Lol. My profile... Lesbian/26/Lagos Preference: Lesbian/24-30/soft/mysterious(in a sensual way)/ Lagos
  6. This was how Domo and Chrisy had their baby. I guess. I mean, the baby looks like Chrissy, but Domo carried him and gave birth to him. Chrissy's fertilized eggs was planted into Domo and she carried the baby cause wifey is scared of childbirth. Okay, I miss those couple. Lemme go watch their vlogs now.
  7. Love is indeed abeautiful thing
  8. Fun with words

  9. Lots of strings attached Date

    Err.. so, the weather is good in Lagos today. Who else is feeling cold? ... I didn't say anything else sha.
  10. Lesbian Youtubers I fancy

    Domo and Chrissy all the way. Though I haven't been keeping up since the baby arrived.
  11. Training opportunity In Kenya

    Thanks for sharing, Al.
  12. Flat Mates Needed ASAP!!!

    Okay, so I found a four bedroom flat at Ogba, Lagos. Believe me, when I say the bedrooms, atleast three of them (not the master bedroom which is ensuite) is unbelievably big. I mean, as big as capable of been a bedroom, and a sitting room. So, I and a colleague who is a brother in the Community, are currently looking for two other flat mates. Total package is 750k. Yearly rent is 500k. Ehen divided by 4, that house is just too good to be for 188k (and subsequently 125k) each. Trust me. The kitchen is oh-my-goshly large, same goes for the sitting room which boasts of two balconies. One could do a short lease budiness with it. I have been toying with the idea of a dance studio. I have a video I took of it. PM so I share it somehow. Alright. PM me if you are interested. Lets hope it stays single till a sister gets it... Even if not to co-rent.
  13. Yayyy or Nayyy

    She rocked that bra. Yay.
  14. Welcome, Grey! Show us some what 50 shades of you is like...
  15. Fun with words