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  1. Hahahahaha. Chop knuckle.. Trust me now. I Wee Just look But not touch.
  2. Mehn. This is sad.. violence is not the only way.geez!
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    I would. It's just money. If I wanted a girl so bad, I would pay If she wanted.
  4. Lool. Thanks all @Suavity thanks @Kimi calm down. @Teewhy it's coming soon.
  5. Thanks puppy mistress. #tongue out.
  6. *disclaimer* No part of this story should be reproduced without the writer's consent. Any similarities between the characters and any one you know is a coincidence as this story is entirely fictional. Enjoy and drop your feedback and comments. Thank you. If you have not read the other parts then try to catch up before reading this. * * * * * * It was Thursday and I hadn't heard from Mide . I was worried, scared and lonely. I missed her terribly and I wondered if I had fallen for my pastor's daughter. The one that hated me. Mide had decided before that incident that she was wrong, not everyone could learn to sing. It was one of those choir rehearsals and she had asked me to sing the chorus of a song out loud. According to her, I murdered the song. She tried to help me but nothing was working so she gave up and concluded that singing wasn't meant for me. Since then I pretty much stopped going for rehearsals but I knew that somehow, I had to make things right. At the rehearsals she ignored me once she saw me. I sat down and I even prayed once it was prayer time. I asked God to help me make things right, I was just a dumb human full of sins and I really didn't know my left from my right. We went through the songs and finally we closed the meeting. I stood there waiting for her. she turned away from me once she saw me coming to her but I quickly walked up to her and blocked her path. "What do you want Alex?" Oh! we were back to Alex huh. "Mide I said I was sorry. you are a Christian, you should forgive me. Please let's talk about this. Heck! you even forgave Mike for what he did to you" "shhhhh! Alex keep it low. we can't talk about this here. Go home, I will meet you up in thirty minutes" "Mide promise me. please" "I promise" She said and walked away leaving me even more sad than ever. It was the longest thirty minutes of my life, I paced up and down the sitting room, waiting for her knock and finally I heard it. I jerked into action as I flung the door open. She stood there looking tired and sad but none the less beautiful. I wanted to take her in my arms and kiss the sadness away but I didn't want to dig my grave even deeper. She entered the house and stood before me. "You asked me to forgive you, what about forgiving myself? I do not hate you Alex neither am I mad at you. I could have stopped you, I could have said no, I could have pushed you away but I kept saying I would in my head but i never did, I kissed you back Alex, I held your head in between my.. my.. erm , my legs as you licked me there, I moaned for you, I came, I enjoyed something so forbidden, so wrong. Alex I am ruined. I enjoyed everything and I can't close my eyes to sleep any more. You are all I think of, Alex am going to burn in hell because I liked everything you did to me, I have never felt so alive" She crumpled on the rug in a sad heap, crying and shaking and I just stood there mesmerized. "Alex, I have had these crazy feelings for you, I thought they would go away. since I first saw you, and since I have been sleeping in your bed. Alex, do you know how many nights I would wake in the middle of the night to watch you sleep? I even kissed you once. Oh God!" "Mide I wish I could undo this. I don't know what to say" I sat beside her on the rug and reached to stroke her hair. She didn't stop me. I pulled her head into my laps and I comforted her, telling her it was going to be fine. She stopped crying and suddenly sat up, our eyes locked and before I could utter another word her lips were on mine. she kissed me with passion, like she was scared and if she stopped she might change her mind but she didn't want to. She started to touch me everywhere. She grabbed my heavy boobs through my shirt and when she didn't get enough of them, she started to unbutton my shirt. I held her shaking hands in place. "Mide stop it. What we need to do is talk and solve these issues not jump into the same act that brought us here in the first instance" She looked up at me like I was insane and talking gibberish and she couldn't understand a word I had said. Then she shook my hand off and pulled my shirt off my shoulders. Soon I was sitting there in my bra and shorts and the bra came off too, then she was face to face with my boobs. She inhaled sharply and pressed her fulls lips to my nipples as she started to suckle me. I groaned in pleasure. Gosh! how could I resist this. She played with my tits, tugging, sucking and twirling my nipples with hands and mouth. I was a wet mess under her innocent touch and I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed her off the floor and hurriedly carried her to my bed. I should be in guiness book of records for fastest fingers in the world because her clothes came flying off her in record time. I buried my head immediately in her crotch, lapping and sucking all the juices I could. I was ruthless and merciless as i twitched her nipples with one hand, the other hand buried deep inside her p**sy and my hot mouth on her clit, I knew it was too much too soon but I couldn't help it. I pounded her hard in ever way and she came again and again but I wanted more, I wanted to f***k her so good she wouldn't be able to cry after. I curved my two fingers inside her wet p**sy upward and found her g-spot. "Oh my god! Lex please. Ahhhh, oh, oh, oh. you are touching something. geez!" She cried and thrashed and moaned but I had no mercy and I sucked her clit even harder and she came hard for me, again. I stopped sucking her sensitive clit but concentrated on working my fingers inside her. I pounded her hard till she gushed a spray of liquid on me. It sprayed across my face and chest as I bent and licked her clean. Her last orgasm seemed to go on and on and she cried and moaned and writhed in ecstacy. Finally it was over and I pulled my fingers out of her. So Mide is a squirter? who would have known that under that prim, churchy exterior, there was a fire cracker beneath? She watched me with dazed eyes and I pulled my wet fingers into my mouth and licked it clean. Her eyes grew big as she watched me swallow her juices. I sat on my hunches, waiting for the water works to start. I prayed that it doesn't but she never disappoints, she burst into loud sobs again and I climbed the bed with her. "You have ruined me. I am gone, oh god! you have ruined me" she cried and cried, occasionally hitting me and again I felt sad and worthless. She quieted after a while as she dressed up and made to go. Her eyes were all puffy and her legs shook slightly as she tried to stand. I drove her home and I said nothing to her as she climbed out of my car and strolled home without even looking back at me. I felt emotionally drained but I still had the buzz from f***king her. That night I ate ice cream and masturbated myself into a deep sleep. I woke up the next morning feeling like crap. I wanted to promise myself that I would not let Mide get me again. If all she wanted to do after sex was cry and call it forbidden then I would make sure it never happened again. ***** Business at the studio was better than ever and I was so busy and tired and sad that I did not go to church on Sunday. I stayed indoors sleeping and moping. S.O came in after church to check on me and we drank vodka and talked. "I f***ked her man" I said suddenly out of the blue. My best friend's eyes grew big and she gave me the knuckle. "Bad guy. You laid the pastor's daughter? damn!" "Man I think I am in love with her, but she's so straight and so churchy, plus her dad would kill us both if he knew and then she cries every time we f***k and everything is so f***ked up. I don't know what to do" I lament draining my glass of vodka. S.O was quiet for a while. "Just relax Alex. Give her time to come to terms with what you guys are doing. Remember where we are, she has been taught that this is wrong morally and religiously. we are dealing with years and years of indoctrination man. This is even illegal here man! You should have seen her face today in church" S.O said laughing and my interest was piqued. "Was her face red from crying still? Tell me what happened you bastard" I said In alarm. "The topic was titled 'How to flee from sin', and the worst sin of all seemed to be homosexuality. Her daddy nearly, no man, he called down fire and brimstone to consume all homesexuals in the world just like in the times of Sodom and Gomorrah. The church prayed and cursed at homesexuals. Man for people that preach the love of Jesus, they had nothing but hate for our kind man. Your girl friend did not utter a single prayer, she just stood there crying and I knew that she would rather be anywhere else than at the homosexual hate parade. That was how I knew she had eaten the cookie man" I smiled in spite of myself. I wondered what I would have done If i had attended church service that day. "So what did you do, while they cursed you?' I asked my bestie curiously. "I could have cursed them right back but then I remembered that I was better than them, so I asked God to forgive them for their hate because it's just ignorance man, if they knew better then they would know" I smiled at my friend. "Alcohol makes you talk all deep. I love you man" I said as I hugged her. S.O was a real butch and we always teased each other about our labels. "Oh my god! You just cracked my ribs, why do I keep hugging you when I know how hard you are" I cried feigning pain. she slapped me and called me "Softie. Lipstick stem" Then we laughed hard. "Could I crash on your couch tonight? don't wanna go home" "Of course you can't go home in your drunken state, my couch is your couch,that is if we do any sleeping at all" Whenever she slept over or I at her place we always stayed up drinking and talking and watching t.v. Just then I heard a knock on my door. I peeked as usual and saw Mide standing there with her overnight bag. I opened the door and she stepped in. TO BE CONTINUED One more to go.
  7. Hahaha. You marry fine wife, now left her unattended. You deserve it o. Even me sef, was eyeing her one kind. Jes that Kimi sef. #shrugs.
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    I can't cum... hehehe
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    Chimo... Grabs blindfold*. My God! I'm still a kid fa This is not for me.
  10. I get. Tomorrow I drop the Next. Two more chapters to go
  11. Tomorrow ma'am @Chrmd. Thanks for reading.
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