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  1. Hmmmm

    Hahahahahahahahaha. Chisos!!!!!! Iyawo pastor? This is interesting. Will need to forward this to Tunde Kilani, Fred Amata and Lancelot Imasuen for production. Don't let me forget Wale Adenuga too.
  2. Yayyy or Nayyy

    This is transformation agenda....
  3. Would you..?

    Hell NO
  4. what's on your mind?

    Right here......
  5. Anon Dating App

    An anonymous dating app? It's a no no for me. When there are some wolfs in form of men out there who won't hesitate to disguise like gays in other to carry out whatever evil they know how to do to innocent gay people. But let me ask, considering the kinda country we live in, would it be safe?
  6. Watched this video yesterday afternoon somewhere else and I felt disgusted. How on earth could a lady be violent to another lady, in this case, her partner? I get furious whenever I hear or read abt violence, but slapping your partner 'cause she cheated is way outta line. Who knows the other violent things the girl endured in the relationship before she cheated. According to the story I read online, I guess she allegedly cheated on her with a guy.
  7. Hmmmm, the playboy is falling in love... We waiting for the concluding part tho.............. I don't want to finish this popcorn just yet, lemme patiently wait for the last season.
  8. #DFW

    Fada lawd, I just got born again again.
  9. Pele. Been enjoying the story though, hence my next next next!
  10. No worries. She will forgive you. Next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Continue oo before I will coman pull them off your PC. Daughter of man is waiting.......