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  1. Marriage vs Cohabitation

    Cohabitation. It's easier. Marriage is just too complex for me to handle. time changes people.I can't deal.
  2. What Are You Listening To At The Moment?

    MI - one naira MI ft 2face - mesef i be humanbeing.
  3. What Are You Listening To At The Moment?

    MI -Imperfect me
  4. What happened to humanity? This is one of many cases where parents bully their lgbtqia+ children into a state of depression and at rare cases to death. The thought of the fact that this "hideous act" is done deliberately by so called loved ones all for the sakes of "correctional purposes" is heart-wrenching. Not every mother would be open minded as this one. Some would go through a grave extent to "ungay" their gay children. I still insist, for most lgbtqia+ persons who could afford the fortitude to bear the plights and struggles of being a closeted gay shouldn't stress about"coming out which would inadvertently reduce any risk of facing traumatizing experiences such as the description above.
  5. Dear Tops

    Should it matter who takes who out? Your sexual position has nothing to do with how/what role to play. I guess its high time we lose that hetero- stereotype. And this right here is the beauty of same sex Union. There are no gender- roles whatsoever, no guided set of rules to follow, it all falls on whoever is expressive enough to take that step.
  6. In an esteemed homophobic ridden society as ours? Wow. that's some huge ass bravery over there. She got some nerves. I doff my hat to her. And congrats to them on their engagement.
  7. Make Out With or Pass

    Those legs tho.. Lawd. I would do more than making out.
  8. When the Wrong One Loves You Right

    I'm flattered.thanks.
  9. What Are You Listening To At The Moment?

    I get sick when I'm far away from you for so long..my new drug. medicine - timi dakolo
  10. Chimamanda And Trans Women

    Does Chimamanda have a point. Yes. Did she articulate it well. No. And that is the reason for all the brouhaha. For every transgender female who was better at masking her feminity as a male, there is a transgender female who didn't have that ability (aka the guys we like to call sissies). It's not like an option, gender identity is fluid. And I can understand that someone like Caitlyn Jenner definitely did not have the same experiences as Sahhara (in the article). Caitly won an Olympic gold medal as a male and became the top dog of the Kardashian clan and even had daughters before succumbing to her trans nature. She was able to keep the facade for that long. But why should Caitlyn Jenner be the ideal transgender and not someone like Sahhara? Because feminists can be disingenuous I think. There is a tribe in Cambodia, the Kreung, where girls who cross puberty are given huts called love huts where they are free to have sex with whomever they choose (Google Cambodia love huts). Unintended pregnancies are taken care of by the girl, her family, and whoever marries her eventually. There is no such thing as "slut," "olosho," or "whore." Divorce is non-existent. Girls have the right to choose whoever they want without discrimination. There is a also tribe in China, the Mosuo, that is often dubbed, Women are taught to be independent of men from day 1. They can function without men. Women lead their respective families, and women marry men not vice versa. Men leave their families to live with the women who marry them. Both genders have their roles in the society and there is virtually no discrimination. Amongst the Sahrawi people in North Africa, divorced women who remarry have more grandiose parties than newly wed virgins. In fact, divorces are celebrated. Zero divorce stigma. Now let's ask ourselves this, why should the oppressed women in sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East be used to signify the ideal woman and not the Mosuo women? I'm pretty sure if Adichie was asked, she'll say the Mosuo and Kreung women are not women because they didn't have the experiences of women (aka herself). What nonsense? From a supposed scholar? The Mosuo women are women. The Trans women are also women. Don't get me wrong but this "division" does not help anyone. It's just favoring elitism, that all animals are equal but some are more equal than others which is so against everything that fundamental human rights stands for. Gender discrimination affects more women in sub-Saharan Africa and Middle East, it doesn't mean women in other parts of the world shouldn't be accorded same rights or have less of a story to tell. Does Adichie even have a strong discriminatory experience when compared to women in some sub-Saharan African communities who genital mutilated at birth and forced to scavenge for food and water for miles while their men lazy about? Who and what gives her the right to say her story or experience is of more value than that of another person who identifies as a female? It's like saying Caucasian racism against Asians is not racism because it isn't as bad as Caucasian racism against Africans. All is RACISM. Some more severe than others. What purpose does that achieve rather than make some people feel like elitists. More important than others. It's shameful, when people fighting bigotry exhibit bigotry. TRANS WOMAN ARE WOMAN irrespective. So like the subs, such as Butch trans women may have it bad, while effeminate trans women may have it much worse, most times worse than even cisgendered women. It doesn't make one sub-category of women more deserving of rights or the female gender identity than another sub-category. Or that the experiences of one sub-category is more important than the experiences of another sub-category.sigh If cisgendered women want to feel great about themselves, they shouldn't use transgendered women as their footstool. Is just so wrong! Its just like pulling the threads on lesbians and gays saying they are more deserving of pity and rights than bisexuals and asexuals.( that would make no sense too) Feminists can take their high-handed exclusivist pompous selves to the stratosphere that their over-inflated egos is taking them. Don't dare step on transgendered women. The LGBTQ+ community is too busy to pander to the egos of ANYONE, no matter how learned. We really can't have a face-off between the feminist and LGBTQ+ communities. It'd be messy and take valuable time away from the core of what our movements are all about: eliminating unfair discrimination.
  11. Random Thoughts

    I just witnessed two full- blown blokes exchange fierce blows because of 30naira change. Conclusively it's evident that this government has succeeded in reducing "most Nigerians" to imprudent idiots.
  12. I came late to the party, quite sad. If you dont dig bisexuals why make a fuss about it? You know there's something called "looking the other way" trying to relegate them make no sense, nobody imposed a difference preference on anyone, op only seek out harmlessly for "someone special". You don't draw in Hasty generalization on a whole group of people,cos of an experience you had. it shows how myopic and narrow minded you're. the thing about stereotypes( which I really hate) is not that they are untrue, is just that, they make one part of the story the only story. If "Queer person" are non- accommodating/ accepting towards other queer persons due to their "said" sexual orientation. Why then do we clamor for equality? When we have so much prejudices and discrimination against ourselves? It is quite appalling and pathetic to see an "LGBTQIA" person posses such sickening preconceived misconceptions about a sub group of the same darn community! If we the "sexually oppressed" could voice this issues( not that there are any sef) condescendingly for the world to see( inclusively homophobes), then how do we attain pride? What's the point? Sigh. This could be tolerable if twas made by an anti gay or ignorant person, but for gay person? It shows we have a long way to go. Smh.
  13. Optimistically an emphatic YES.
  14. love

    Love is everything, without it. We're nothing. Well dotted.
  15. what's on your mind?

    Coldstone is just overhyped.