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    I've been looking for a secure online community of sisters. But am glad I found one.
  1. "Guilty Pleasurez"

    I don't want you guys to believe my story. That's me and that's what happened. Am not a bad person for threatening him because I don't really mean it. Use plagiarism to check if I copied the story online. Well, I have nothing to prove.
  2. "Guilty Pleasurez"

    That's good Vina, I love it when girls doubt my preference, that's how it supposed to be. That's me for you. A core Tomboy, a bold stud. Well, Vina, tell admin to call me, they have my number. I know they're very good at their work.
  3. I want a buddy in lagos

    Tom here. But married.
  4. I want a married babe whom I can trust and who will love me for real. Send a private message and let's see if it will work out.
  5. lagos married lez

    Hi Sophia, Am married too and want to date only married Lez. I hope we can chat ams know each other and be sure we're safe before proceeding. Ay.
  6. I keep checking the site often and often because I was so impressed with what I found here. Thanks so much friends for your greetings.
  7. "Guilty Pleasurez"

    This is my story, please don't use it against me. My girlfriend left for U.S and found another gf who made her forget me totally. She stopped picking my calls. It was so painful but I have to move on with my life. After going out with some unstable girls; My family want me to bring a man home because they want me to get married and to see my babies. Hell! I don't want men at all in my life because I never had a dime feeling for men. But I have to abide by rules of my parents and dance to the tune of the society I found my self. I found a man, we got married but I was so lucky that he doesn't like sex, his d**ck is so small, his erection is weak and I will have to play with it so much before it gets hard. He only want sex for the purpose of impregnating me and have a child. As a result of this, I was so happy so I go back to my old dildo and vibrator. It's a really happy marriage life. My husband may not touch me for two months but I was so happy with that. He always hides his phone but I did not feel anything bad with that since am happy with him and he cares of me a lot. But on one faithful night, he was fast asleep, I found his phone on his bed playing video, I picked up the phone then I scanned through his BBM chats and messages then I found a conversation of him with his boyfriend. Yes! His boyfriend a guy/gay. They chat about how sweet my husband's ass was when he f***ked him, about how he lubricated his ass, about how thy sucked their dicks and testicles. In their conversation; my husband told him he can't wait to be f***ked again because his bf d**ck fits well in his as****h**le. I cried that night. I screenshot their chats and sent it to my phone through bbm, but I was so smart and I cleared my chats and the sent screenshots. Since then, I started disturbing him and ask for sex every night, not for pleasure because I don't really want sex from him but to upset him because I knew who he really was. I've never sucked his d**ck before because I hate dicks, I started sucking his d**ck so I can access his as****h**le and confirm something. Hell, this is my first time of tasting a d**ck, it's so disgusting and not as sweet and yummy as p**sy, I spit and brush my mouth because I hate it. I managed to touch his as****h**le then I found out that it's open than normal shit as****h**le. I was so upset one night and I attacked him, I called him a gay, he was so upset too. He told me I called him a gay because he doesn't sex me as I want. But I told him I knew everything about him but I was just portending. He denied it but I showed him the screenshots of his chats with his boyfriend. He was shocked and surprised. He left home immediately but I don't know where he went to that night. I cried for real that night because I think he was going to commit suicide. The following morning I called his colleagues at work but they confirmed he's at work. I went to where he works, I saw him and I beg him to come home. I promised him I will never reveal the secret to anyone. He came home late in the night, crying and begging me to keep the secret, I cried with him and promised him I will never tell anyone. Since then, he always want to have sex with me, but I told him not to force himself, I told him to only have sex when he feels like, I told him to use his tongue and fingers on me so I will not be bordering him if he don't want to use his small d**ck. We continue our lives and I found out that he still see his boyfriend, I don't know if they still have sex or not but I got so upset with him, I told him I will tell the family about it but he beg me not to do that, we both cried that night. But I felt so bad that it's his sexual preference but am depriving him from what is making himself happy and yet I don't want him to be f***ked by the guy because the guy has f***ked manhood out of him. But I think I can f***k him better than the guy. I searched for wearable dildo online, but most of the stores I found are not Nigerian stores but I was so lucky to found a dildo seller online, her place is at Surulere, Lagos. I went there and bought a wearable dildo ( it has straps which I can belt on my waist and lap so it will stand out like a rocky d**ck). The dildo seller even toasted me and have my number. I will come back to the dildo seller later. Now at home, in the night , my husband was in bed. I put on his Jeans trousers and T-shirt, I woke him up, he looks so surprise, he asked me " Ayo, what is this for" told him " I can give you what that stupid guy boasts of" , He said I should stop it. I naked my self, to his greatest surprise he saw my new wearable dildo, dangling like a real d**ck. He said "Ayo where did you get this from and what do you want to do with it" I said " To f***k you or tell my family and your family you've been ass-f***ked and you're a gay and the general public will hear this" He said " Ayo, I know you can't do that to me". Then, I replied " I will not tell our family if you let me f***k your ass" As he try to talk I claimed the bed and started romancing him, he refuses me but I was so strong that night and so Tomboyish, I dragged with him but his body moved, still he don't want to do it but I forced him. As I inserted my dildo into his as****h**le he screams and moans. later he stops screaming and moans really like a girl, I f***ked his as****h**le, he enjoyed it so much. He told me to wet his as****h**le with my spit so it will be lubricative, I did and insert my dildo into his ass again. This was how our union became so tight and strong. Every time I f***k him, my p**sy get so wet but he only lick it and I love the tongue than his d**ck. We do this almost every night. Yet, I still look for girls because I was not feeling the sensations as I felt it from a gf. I hooked up with the dildo seller, we had sex in her house for the first time, she loved me so much and I loved her too. She started coming to my house, we f***ked in my house too. On one bad and grievous afternoon, my husband caught me and Ngozi ( the dildo seller). My husband did not touch me or Ngozi. He did not eat at home or talk to me for a week. I beg him and he forgive me. But after a month I found out that his d**ck is stronger and erecting, he f***k me and his d**ck is rally hurting. I always have inner tears and cuts every time we have sex. I hate him now because he sex regularly and uses herbs to sex. I hate him more and don't love me anymore. But he still want me to f***k his as****h**le with my wearable dildo.
  8. Am new here but am so glad to found the the social community I belong to. I hope I can meet someone I can trust and never make her regret meeting me. Cheers.