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Found 283 results

  1. Rains Are Here. Ready Or Not

    Morning Ladies... The rains are here. Is it a Sunday affair? Lol. Same as last week, it's a wet Sunday today. Which of the seasons do you prefer? Are you ready for the rain or do you think it has come in a bit too early.
  2. Brands or Not?

    Hey Ladies, Would you consider yourself one who is into brands and would rather pay a little extra to get that designer item? Or are you one who simply can't be bothered because paying premium for another's name is just not your cup of tea.
  3. How Long?

    When you meet someone (however y'all meet. Lol. Be it online, whatsapp group, in person etc...). How long would you wait before letting them know that it isn't going to work or that you can't continue with the getting to know process? OR Do you simply go cold turkey/bail and cut all forms of communication? Have you ever experienced this, How did you handle it? Alternatively, how were you let down if you have ever been at the receiving end of such situations.
  4. Are You A Crier?

    I have heard and read that sometimes, emotions get so intense that people cry during love making or afterwards. Have you ever cried during sex (tears of joy o) Lol. Or do you think you have potential to cry. 😁
  5. The Dating Dilemma

    Over the radio the other day, there was a topic I considered rather interesting. Here it is: A. If you were seeing someone (dating, nothing official), would you expect that they stopped dating other people and focus on you both or is it okay with you that they may very well be dating multiple others alongside you? B. How long into dating would you think that both parties need to stop seeing other people on the side?
  6. How Do You Love?

    Hey ladies, what's your default? Are you the more cautious type who takes her time to open up to a new love interest OR do you tend to dive in like a love struck bunny -wearing your emotions on your sleeves? It's also very possible that you were once expressive with your show of love but have now transitioned to being a more reserved lover. What would you pin point as being the reason for the switch?
  7. Although 5days late, just saw this on my youtube timeline. Rather upsetting but nicely handled by Chimamanda.
  8. Portia not only surprised her wife with an unexpected appearance on the show, she also gave her one of the most incredible birthday gifts Ellen has ever received.
  9. A gay couple have been arrested and charged for forcing their three children to eat dog feces as punishment. Amanda Wright, 29, and Besline Joseph, 25, are accused of repeatedly beating the children aged 8,9, and 10. The children were reportedly beaten with extension cords, belts, sticks and other objects, and they had bloody noses, bruises, and cuts as a result of these beatings. Police believe that the innocent children were also locked in closets and a basement, and fed only bread, water and oatmeal. Amanda and Besline are also accused of forcing the children to eat dog feces and threatened to kill them if they told anyone about what was happening. Both women were each charged with three counts each of first-degree child abuse, second-degree child abuse, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, reckless endangerment, neglect of a minor, stalking, use of a dangerous weapon with intent to injure, false imprisonment, and one count each of causing ingestion of a bodily fluid, preventing/interfering with report of suspected child abuse or neglect, and conspiracy to commit first-degree child abuse. The two women were arrested at their Wicomico County home Wednesday after an investigation by Maryland State Police. Source
  10. Popular Nigerian television reality show, Big Brother Naija premieres on Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 7p.m. The premiere of the third edition of the highly anticipated show came after the housemates of the second edition gathered for a special reunion show to the excitement of their fans. The General Manager, Sales and Marketing for MultiChoice Nigeria, Martin Mabutho, speaking on the return, said: “Without a doubt, this promises to be the most exciting edition of the Big Brother franchise on the African continent. The last edition of Big Brother Naija was incredibly successful and we see just how much the show continues to resonate with fans in Nigeria and around the continent. “We can hardly wait for Sunday, and we guarantee not only that our viewers will enjoy the premiere show, but that they will stay tuned for three months until the show’s finale when the winner is revealed,” he said. Viewers on DStv can watch the show on channel 198, while GOtv viewers can tune in to channel 29 to watch all of the excitement as contestants battle for the grand prizes of an SUV and N45 million. Source
  11. For Theists

    For those who believe in the existence of a supreme being -irrespective of religion, here's one for you. Does God have a gender? What are your honest thoughts ☺
  12. So you have a harness, a dildo, and enthusiasm. What’s next? A strap-on blow job can be part of foreplay, a main sex act, or part of cleanup. No matter where it fits in, build excitement by making out, grinding against each other, dirty talking, or whatever your sex pregame usually looks like. If you’re the one giving the blow job, start by being a tease with touches that get close to or lightly brush over the strap-on, without really engaging with it yet. When everyone is ready to go, move into position and go to town. “An easy way to start is by slowly licking up the shaft and around the head of the dildo. It’s hot and useful, since more saliva makes everything glide smoothly. You can also use this in between sucking and stroking with your hand if you need a break or more lubrication,” says FemmeCock. Then, take the strap-on into your mouth. If it’s long, or if you don’t want it too deep, wrapping your hand around the base can keep it from going too far back in your mouth and can give your partner a firmer surface to grind against if they want one. Resist the urge to bite down to control the depth — the dildo won’t notice, but your teeth will. Then, start to move slowly, and build up to a rhythm as you pay attention to your partner’s responses. A lot of your focus will probably be on the dildo, but don’t forget about your partner’s body. “Bring one of their fingers into your mouth right alongside the dildo so they can feel exactly what you’re doing. […] Reach for their body, hold their hands, grab their thighs, involve their butt or whatever is under the strap on, if they like that. Use your hands,” says Sexsmith. If your partner is into vaginal or anal penetration and is wearing a harness that allows for it, you can finger them during the blow job. Start with fewer fingers and add more, use lube if you need it, and use the same rhythm with your fingers as your mouth for extra bonus points. Finally, remember that the best strap-on blow jobs are noisy and messy and embrace it. “Noises are inevitable and can enhance the experience, since strap-on blowjobs rely on sights and sounds, so don’t be embarrassed of slurping or sucking noises. You can also add more intentional sounds, moaning intermittently to show you’re enjoying what’s going on,” says FemmeCock. How To Receive A Strap-On Blow Job If it’s your first time receiving a strap-on blow job, spend some time in advance getting used to wearing the strap-on. “Think about it as part of you. Touch it yourself, get a sense of its edges and shape and weight and size. Let it become part of your body’s proprioception,” says Sexsmith. Then, in the moment, try to relax and concentrate on what you see and feel. Stay present and connected with your partner via touch. Try resting your hand on their shoulder or stroking the back of their neck or the side of their face, but don’t grab their head, pull their hair, choke them, or more forcefully fuck their mouth unless you’ve discussed it. Use sounds or words to let your partner know they’re doing a good job, check in by asking questions your partner can answer by nodding or making a noise, and let your partner know what you’re into. “It can feel like a lot of pressure to have someone watching you go down on them, so it’s important to let your partner know they’re doing a great job through sounds or verbal affirmation. Make sure they’re on the same page as you by asking questions that can be answered with a gesture or short response, like ‘how’s that’ or ‘are you enjoying my cock?’ Communicate what you want and like; if you find something to be super hot, you can say things like ‘that feels so good’ or ‘I love when you go a little slower,’” says FemmeCock. Use non-verbal expression, too. “The way a lover can tell that you like things is by your movement, sound, and breath. Let those things out,” says Sexsmith. Source
  13. Veso Golden Oke, a Nigerian-born Ghanaian transgender woman currently working in Ghana, says her goal is to continue to look more beautiful despite hateful comments from transphobic people. In a chat, the gorgeous 24-year-old model and professional make-up artist describes herself as “unique and beautiful.” The negative comments she receives from people do not bring her down at all, she says. Instead, they motivate her. “What keeps me going is the negative utterances from people, because they help build me up. I fight every day to look more feminine, they don’t even recognize that I am trans.” Most people think effeminate men are gay, but Oke says she has never considered herself gay despite the fact that she is very feminine; instead, she has always known that she is a woman and that’s why she is currently transitioning. “I consider myself a Trans because am on hormone pills already,” she says. Unlike most African parents who object to their children embracing their true nature as LGBTQ, Oke’s parents support her fully, she says. They know that she lives openly as a trans woman. Oke lives in Accra, Ghana, where she mentors young female models. With her guidance, some of them have won beauty pageants. Source
  14. Hey Girls!

    Another Val's day is just around the corner. Any plans? What did you do last year. Gist us! 😁
  15. Let's Play - Pick One

    Which one will you 1) Take on a date 2) Propose to?
  16. What's Priority?

    Hey Ladies... If there could only be one first, second or third place, how would these rank? Work, Relationship, Family let's assume you're in relationship leading somewhere PS -- family represents the one you grew up in.
  17. Sexual Compatibility

    This topic was inspired by one in the anonymous section. Have you ever had an issue developing a sexual connection with anyone? I have also heard a few stories of this happening from friends and how all effort to force a connection was to no avail. Sex wasn't just happening for them. Why do you think this could occur?
  18. The Trade-Off

    So yesterday, on my way home, I stopped to buy some fruits. I sighted a man selling oranges out of a wheelbarrow so I approached him and asked how much his oranges were? He takes a look at me, took a few seconds (which I thought was longer than usual) and then responded saying "N40 one" I also took a look at him, scrutinized his face and made a counter offer. Not 3 for N100? Well... he said no. Lol. I decided to go buy other fruits, giving him the illusion that I wasn't buying -some strategy 🙄. However, as I turned to walk away was when he panicked and called me back. Insisting that I could take it at my price. I took a good look at him and I felt bad. I felt very bad. I knew he couldn't be making so much off his oranges. I knew I buy from shops were I never negotiate. I knew I tip (the fine art of literally dashing money away) for sums way higher than what he had asked for. So I sought to convince myself: "I was actually going to buy them on my way back regardless". I really was considering doing that as he was the only one selling oranges. So I bought other fruits elsewhere leaving him to package mine for collection on my way out. As I approached him, I planned to pay his original asking price in disguise of buying one more and asking him to keep the change. But no... he insisted I buy for the price I had bought the others for. I wanted to tip him but I didn't know how to slot that in. Sighs... so I left; without giving him an extra. Perhaps he had increased his mark-up by a few percentages... Perhaps I was only trying not to be cheated and do what is expected when at the open market... Perhaps we had both felt bad because I could see what I think was guilt on his face. Just perhaps. *Sighs*
  19. I met my future fiancée, Aisha, at Fourth of July celebration, in 2016. At that time she was residing in Chicago. She was to be here in Atlanta two weeks prior, but due to other circumstances, she had to postpone her trip. Thankfully she hadn’t visited because during that time I had been traveling in California. The universe clearly had things in store for us. Because even on the day we met, I was supposed to have left before she arrived. But my plans got canceled and I ended up staying at the BBQ. Neither of Us Knew What It Was The moment we introduced ourselves, there was a connection. At the time, neither of us knew what it was, but it was definitely something special. She was in a situation when we met, but her heart was already feeling that wasn’t something she was supposed to stay in. As our friendship grew, our hearts grew fonder. Learning that we feel the same way about what love should be and how it should be respected and honored, Aisha took the jump and moved to Atlanta. And we could not be happier. It was clearly the biggest life-changing moment for her, me as well, but she moved her whole life. She had been intending to move to Atlanta long before we met, just not in the manner she did. When we started dating, I knew that this is the woman I was looking my whole life for–the woman I would spend the rest of my life with. The Proposal She’s hard to surprise because we are so open and always know where one another is. So to plan a proposal without her knowing, was a little bit more difficult than I had expected. I wanted to make sure we had a beautiful view and a photographer. (Check out the awesome video below!) I told her we had a holiday party to go to and had to be there at a certain time. On our way to this “holiday party,” I asked that we stop at the Jackson Street Bridge (where I had the photographer set up and where I was proposing) and take selfies with the skyline in the background. She had been upset with me from earlier in the day, but still trusted in going along with the plan. For moments like that, I am so grateful for her and her trust in me. I Knew she Would Say Yes, But… I had never proposed before but was absolutely sure she was going to say YES. So, I didn’t understand why I was so nervous. I would always assume people’s nerves came from whether the person being asked would say yes or not. Clearly, I was mistaken. I think a majority of my nerves came from making sure all went as planned. And it did! I am so grateful for her and so grateful to the universe for bringing us together! This is why I regularly say: “Dear Universe, Thank you!! Love, Me” Source
  20. The events reportedly unfolded on Jan. 7 in Lagos when *Kingsley [not his real name], a budding actor, went to have his hair cut. At the barber shop, he met a man who recognized him from Facebook and, after a brief conversation, they exchanged phone numbers. Kingsley said the stranger started calling him, saying that he was interested in acting and asking that they meet and talk. When Kingsley visited the man at his residence at Igando-Ikotun in the Lagos area, the man quickly locked the door and requested that they have sex, but Kingsley declined. The stranger said that he knew Kingsley was gay because he had been following him on Facebook. The two men argued and fought. The man, who was older and stronger than Kingsley, overpowered him, forcefully pulled his clothes off and started taking pictures of him while he was naked. He then said that if Kingsley did not have sex with him, he would alert friends who he said were already waiting outside and tell them to enter the home, rape Kingsley and publicly disgrace him for being gay. If Kingsley did not give him N50,000 the stranger said, Kingsley would be outed publicly as gay and the photographs would be circulated online and sent to his family and police. Afraid, Kingsley called a friend and convinced him to pay the money. Once he received the money, the stranger stole Kingley’s phone and set him free. Under Nigerian law, blackmail and extortion are punishable by up to 14 years in prison. Nigerian LGBT rights activist Noble Charles Samuel said such cases are common in several parts of the country. No one has been able to rein in the gangs of blackmailers and extortionists who operate in Nigeria, he said. “We have similar gangs in Ibusa, in Delta state and in Aba, Abia state,” the activist said. Source
  21. What are your thoughts on the interviewee's response?
  22. Less Gay

    Hi Ladies... Here's one question for you: Do you find yourself trying to act 'less obvious', dress 'less gay' or buy things that have a slimmer chance of outing you? Why? Don't get me wrong. This has nothing to do with you being ashamed of who you are. But for some other reasons... you choose and prefer to 'blend' with your environment even if it means cutting back on some of the things you actually enjoy.
  23. It Isn't Funny Anymore

    Yesterday, my nephew was putting on my pair of slippers. As I got in, he knew that I would go in search for it so he chased right after me and says "here aunty....". Lol. Such cuteness. I did insist he put it back on and that I would manage -but after seeing that I walked bare feet without much luck of getting another pair, he took it right off his baby feet, handed it to me and sort of vanished. Lol. Well... a few minutes later, he resurfaced. This time, he was wearing my mum's pair of slippers. That type with a platform heel. Lol. Quite suddenly (it did give me a bit of a fright), my brother asked him to take it off. Shortly afterwards, his dad too. The other day, it was mum's lipstick he was fidgeting with and rubbing on (not just on his lips but all over his forehead. Lol). Again, his dad reprimands him and I know why.... Each borne out of fear of him becoming just like "one of them". Lol. As if that it what makes a child gay or trans. First, my emotion was one of upset, then saddness and finally it came to rest with a tinge of annoyance laced with some irritation. Lol. Enough is Enough! Children must be allowed to be children and to do silly things in the way children usually would. These days, actions done in mere innocence are being misinterpreted. ...For me, on that day, it wasn't anymore about allowing him act his age. It was more about the hostility, the disgust and the intolerance that is exhibited by those who have masked their homophobia so skillfully that one may easily interpret it as care and sadly, love towards another. Okay.... this wasn't supposed to be in story form. I sort of got carried away? Lol. Share similar experiences here. Venting is welcome lol 🙄😐
  24. Dual Personalities

    I'm just curious now... Do you find yourselves camouflaging while here just to ensure someone you know (on the outside) is not able to easily figure you out? That is: an online (NL) persona and an offline (Real life) persona It may be in form of ensuring you don't share the same jokes here as you have elsewhere or it could also be taking the extra precaution not to type in the same manner you are known for typing etc... PS - I'm not by this post referring to identity disorders o.. lol