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Found 16 results

  1. If....

    If you could remove one thing from your daily schedule, what would it be?
  2. The ill thought out remarks by Presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu, to the effect that rodents had damaged the President's office, forcing him to work from home should not come as a surprise to discerning Nigerians and neither should we blame Mr. Shehu for the infantile lie. You see, once the decision had been reached at the highest levels to be less than transparent about President Muhammadu Buhari's health situation, there was really nothing much that his media aides could do. If I was Garba Shehu, what I would have said is that the President has a backlog of work and so had to cancel FEC and focus fully on clearing this backlog from home! It would not be a lie being that the President is always on call 24/7. As a Presidential spokesman, lying is the last thing you want to do. Your job is to find creative, but not dishonest, ways to make the bitter truth palatable to the general public. Lack of creativity is a greater liability to a Presidential spokesman than lack of funds. And the remark itself (“Following the three months’ period of disuse, rodents have caused a lot of damage to the furniture and the air conditioning units") reminds me of the iconic movie, Of Mice and Men. Of Mice and Men is a 1937 book by John Steinbeck, which got made into a movie. It tells the tale of of two California migrants workers who roam from town to town during the Great Depression in search of greener pastures. How fitting that the lie told by Mr. Shehu should dovetail into Steinbeck's classic. Just like in Of Mice and Men, we have a migrant President who moves back and forth from London to Abuja. And again like Steinbeck's classic, he does so in a depression. The only difference is that while George Milton and Lennie Small were the victims of a depression caused by others, President Muhammadu Buhari is not a victim but a perpetrator of the fastest negative turnaround of an economy from the third fastest growing economy in the world to an economy in recession. There are many other parallels one can draw from the movie and the comedy the Buhari administration is unleashing on the nation, but one has to be careful in drawing attention to them especially in these days that the military is scouring social media for "anti-government and anti-military information". But I just wonder how Garba could have said ?"Rodents have caused a lot of damage to the President's office" with a straight face! Really Garba Shehu! There should be limits to propaganda. It is only in Nigeria that "rodents" will chase a lion away from his den! Garba, please you should be too decent for this, leave lies for Lai Mohammed! If President Muhammadu Buhari is not strong enough to go to the office, simply say the truth and shame the devil. I have been in the President of Nigeria's office. It is cleaned everyday. I also had an office in the villa and I traveled abroad for a long period and nothing happened to my office. The Presidency has projected President Buhari as an anti-corruption crusader with strong integrity and credibility. Such infantile lies as this rat story rubbishes that image! It also portrays the Buhari administration as a government severely deficient in intelligence! Almost every international news agency carried the ridiculous story in a way that belittled Nigeria. BBC, AFP, RFI and even China Xinhua News! Worldwide the Muhammadu Buhari administration has turned Nigeria into an international joke because of an inept President and his inept aides! I mean it is just clear that the President still needs to recover and that he only returned because the pressure from Charly Boy's #ReturnorResign group had become unbearable, especially when they announced that they had gotten a permit from the Metropolitan Police in London to protest outside Abuja House. Of all things to use as an excuse, it has to be rats! If you are wondering why the rats in your city have reduced, wonder no more. They have all relocated to seek greener pastures at Aso Rock! But on a serious note though, President Yar'adua left Nigeria on November 23, 2009 and did not return until February 10, 2010. Thereafter he was at the Presidential Villa until he died on May 5, 2010. For a period of 6 months, his office was vacant until Dr. Goodluck Jonathan succeeded him. In all that time, rodents never destroyed his office. Which just makes you wonder the type of rodents that exist in Aso Rock under President Muhammadu Buhari the man who promised Nigerians change but ended up giving those who voted him as President chains! As for the Nigerian military who will now monitor social media for "anti-government information", I can only say what a lovely change! Did I hear you say chains! Can any comment be more "anti-government" than this comment made by Buhari on May 15, 2012 "by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood"? And can any comment be anti Nigerian than this comment made by the same man on July 25, 2015 "The constituents, for example, gave me 97% cannot in all honesty be treated on some issues with constituencies that gave me 5%"? So funny when the father of hate speech and the king pin of anti-government talk now wants to deal with those who have not even come close to doing what he has done! And after His misspeak on why the President had to work from home, ?Garba Shehu followed up with a statement warning that the Presidency will henceforth not tolerate harsh words being used on President Muhammadu Buhari and said "calling Buhari an enemy of Nigeria was in extremely bad taste". Is this not the same Buhari that said on May 15, 2012 and I quote "the biggest Boko Haram is the Federal Government.” Buhari called the government of Goodluck Jonathan a Boko Haram government without providing proof and now complains about being criticized! Mr. President, buy a mirror and arrest the person you see in it as an example of your zero tolerance for "harsh words"! These shenanigans are annoying enough, but to add salt to injury, along comes Yahaya Bello! ?To show how useless governance has become under the APC, Yahaya Bello, a state Governor declares a public holiday to celebrate President Muhammadu Buhari's return! Now, I sympathize with President Buhari, but aren't public holidays meant to be for events pertaining to a nation's history? President Buhari has been a resident of the U.K. for over a hundred days, has he ever known the U.K. to proclaim a public holiday because the Queen returned from hospital? Our army killed at least 347 Shiite men, women, children and infants, our Air Force killed 119 people at the Rann IDP camp in a mistaken bombing. We did not declare any national mourning. Yet we declare a public holiday for Buhari's return! This is the height of sycophancy! Well, enough about the Presidency's ineptitude and comedic behavior, let me change the mood of this piece and enter second base. Someone tell Oby Ezekwesili that it is hypocritical to complain about a soup you helped cook just because you were not given your share! She was used to bring down a good man and thereafter dumped and now she is bitter and she wants to feign that she is one of us who are genuinely opposing a dictatorial and clueless government for patriotic reasons! Where are her fellow #BringBackOurGirls colleagues? Are they not now holding very, very, very juicy positions in President Muhammadu Buhari's government? She is a woman scorned because her lover (APC) enjoyed her pleasures but refused to marry her. Now she wants to use Nigerians to get her revenge! We are not that foolish! Imagine Oby Ezekwesili complaining of President Muhammadu Buhari's "missed opportunity". She is one of those who helped him get the opportunity to miss an opportunity! It is an insult to our sensibilities for this woman to start wailing like she is doing! Has she forgotten when she was giving keynote speeches at All Progressive Congress events where she demonized former President Jonathan and deified Buhari by calling him a "discipline instilling" leader on March 7, 2014? Did it occur to her at that event that she was empowering the very person she is now denouncing? People like Oby are like the bush rat that Chinua Achebe wrote about. They bite you and blow breeze on your wounds so you won't know the damage they have caused. If Oby wants to know who is responsible for bringing Buhari to power, I can buy her a mirror. I assure her it won't be a pretty sight! Oby Ezekwesili is a sanctimonious hypocrite who likes to criticize but does not like to be criticized. She once threatened to report me to then President Jonathan when I responded to her criticism, as if Dr. Jonathan "gives a damn" about her opinions! The sad thing is that everybody, but especially her Southeastern kith and kin, knows she was used and dumped by people who know only too well her real nature. I suspect that her bitterness is that she could not attain the heights Ngozi Okonjo Iweala has attained and is still attaining. Now she continues to prance about giving subdued messages to the Buhari administration because she knows that if she unleashes on them like she unleashed on Jonathan she will be taught the difference between a democrat and a dictator! Oby, in case you do not know, you are a figure of scorn in the Southeast zone where you come from and considered a Quisling in the other zones of the federation. Reno's Nuggets When you make it, women will flock around you. Tantalizing as they are, don't forget the one who was there before you made it-mum! The love of your life can't divorce you, can't be separated from you and won't sue you. After God, your mother is the love of your life. Finally, marrying a girl because of sex is like buying a car because of its sound system. You will enjoy it, but you won't go anywhere #RenosNuggets Source
  3. One Word for Colleen

    A white woman, from South Carolina, has become an internet sensation after a video of her beating up a racist white woman emerged. The video quickly went viral as soon as it was uploaded on social media on Wednesday. In the video, a big loud-mouthed white woman in a blue dress is seen in a Florida hotel lobby threatening to shoot the hero, Colleen Dagg in the head. According to reports, the racist woman had made a racist comment about Haitians and Colleen called her to order so she became aggressive. As she continued with the threats, Colleen is seeing taking off her shoes and explaining that it was in case she needed to defend herself from the racist woman. The time came really quick as the racist woman gets in Colleen's face and hits her. Immediately, the fight took a surprising twist as Colleen is seen overpowering the woman and beating her so hard until hotel staff came to pull her off. At this point, the racist woman starts crying and playing the victim. She then said she's three-months pregnant and she'll make sure Colleen goes to jail for hitting her while pregnant. She tried to break free from the security men to continue fighting Colleen but they held her back. Uniformed officers soon arrived and the racist woman refused to mention the part she played in the fight but put all the blame on Colleen. She informed them that Colleen attacked and beat her and she's pregnant. Luckily, the entire incident was caught on camera to show who was at fault. Soon after the video went viral, black people on Facebook and Twitter called Colleen a hero and invited her to cookouts. Colleen, who has a biracial child, later took to social media to explain why she stood her ground against the racist white woman. See her explanation and a video of the fight below. Source
  4. But once Mayweather began to find his range and McGregor wearied rapidly, there was only going to be one winner. The 40-year-old American scored at will after the fourth round, snapping back McGregor’s head with a series of stinging blows. McGregor somehow survived an onslaught in the seventh round when a right counter from Mayweather staggered him badly. Finally McGregor’s resistance broke in the 10th when a Mayweather right sent him lurching across the ring. A hard left put him on the ropes and another hook saw him bent over and helpless, prompting the stoppage. The fight had followed a largely expected script but McGregor, in his first ever boxing appearance, by no means embarrassed himself. Mayweather will now head into what he says is a permanent retirement with a perfect 50-0 record, one better than heavyweight legend Rocky Marciano. The American is also expected to be around $200 million wealthier, taking his career earnings to around $1 billion. McGregor, who was an unemployed former plumber four years ago before emerging as one of the biggest stars of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is expected to earn around $100 million. Source
  5. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has disagreed with some members of the political class that has been calling for the restructuring of Nigeria. In a recent interview with Channels TV, Obasanjo said what Nigeria needs urgently is the restructuring of our mentality and not the country. According to him, restructuring our mentality on the kind of country we want and working towards it would get us the kind of country we so much desire to have. "I have asked six different people who talk about restructuring and six of them gave me different point of views. The other day some people even came to me and what they were talking about doesn't make sense. We have a country that God has endowed. Now the management of that endowment is what we all have to put all our hands on. All hands must be on deck and look at how to deal with it. Some of them are nostalgic about the independence that they are restructuring. Some of them are nostalgic about immediate post independence. Some of them are nostalgic about their tribe. That is their restructuring. I cannot be part of that. My own restructuring is that we have to restructure our mentality. We have to restructure our mind. We have to restructure our understanding of Nigeria. What country do we want? If we decide on what country we want, then how do we get that country. How do we get the inclusiveness? How d we get every Nigerian feeling a sense of having a stake in the country?". Source
  6. In the quiet carriage we sat angled away from each other. We always rode the quiet carriage, but today it felt like a gift: a reason not to talk. Jonathan in his maroon sweater cradling his iPad. The sunlight weak, the morning uncertain. I was staring at the magazine in my hand, deeply breathing in and out, a willed and deliberate breathing, aware of itself. Breathe – such an easy target for scorn, so often summoned as panacea for our modern ills. But it worked. It helped push away my sense of engulfing tedium, even if only for brief moments. How does this happen? How do you wake up one morning and begin to question your life? Jonathan shifted on his seat. I kept my eyes on the magazine, to discourage any whispered conversation. “Something has been on your mind,” he told me that morning as he buttered a piece of toast. I kept silent, slowly spooning muesli into my mouth, and he said nothing more. Why hadn’t he asked me a question? Why hadn’t he asked “What is on your mind?” A question was braver than a statement. A question forced a reckoning. But Jonathan avoided direct questions because they had in them an element of confrontation. His dislike of confrontation I had once found endearing. It made him a person who thrived on peace, and so a life with him would be a kind of seamless happiness. When he did ask questions, they seemed always to seek reassurance rather than information. His first question to me, shortly after we met years ago, was about servants. I had mentioned the drivers and househelps of my Lagos childhood, and his question followed: How did you feel about it all? Because servants were foreign to him, a relationship with them had become a matter of morality. He told me that when he first could afford weekly Polish cleaners for his London flat, he had hidden in the spare room while they cleaned, so ashamed was he of paying somebody to scrub his toilet. For Jonathan to ask “How did you feel about it all?” was not really about how I felt, but about a moral code I was supposed to follow. I was to say: “I felt terrible. I worried about their welfare.” But the truth was I felt nothing because it was the life I knew. Had he asked me “What is on your mind?” that morning and had I said “I am wondering if this is the life I want, and what I have missed out on in the years we’ve been together,” he would have no answer for me. Because I was not supposed to think such things. It was unfair to do so. Wrong. That we sometimes think what we are not supposed to, and feel what we wish we did not, was something Jonathan was unable to grasp. From across the aisle came a loud voice. An elderly American man talking on the phone, his accent distinct, face burnt red as though fresh from a holiday. In the clammy silence of the carriage, his words sounded unnatural, as though coming from somewhere else. Jonathan shifted and sighed, then shifted again. A man turned and rolled his eyes. A woman shook her head. Why didn’t one of them tell the American that this was the quiet carriage? I guessed, from a bluffness in his manner, that he did not know. Jonathan was seated closest to the American, he had only to reach out across the aisle and gesture to the man and in his modulated voice say something. But he would not. Jonathan would shift and sigh and shift again but would say nothing. I once thought this sweet. I would have teased him about the English ritual of passive aggression, so easily inflamed by the presence of an American. The quirks that had first charmed me about Jonathan were suddenly scourges designed for my irritation. His sensitivity was weakness. What I thought his innocence was now self-indulgent naiveté. Nothing had happened. Jonathan had done nothing wrong, I had not met anyone else. It was merely that one morning I woke up and felt undone. I began to struggle to shrug off a terrifying sense of something wasted, a colossal waste, leaving a dull mourning for things gone forever. The train stopped at a station and I watched a couple come into the carriage. My interest in them was instant. They attracted attention: the man looked Japanese, with an angular arresting face and long black hair that gave him a cultivated alternative air. The woman looked Italian, tanned, her kohl eyeliner slightly smudged with the right amount of effortlessness. A throwaway kind of glamour emanated from them, their stylish clothes fit loosely but deliberately, their bags looked expensive. They slid in opposite us, and I felt an excitement I did not understand, as though their choosing to sit with us said something desirable about us, about me. A subtle perfume seemed to come from both of them. They wore the same scent. This impressed me for reasons unknown to me. Her purse on the table, thick leather, an elegant metal monogram. They pulsed with warmth and vitality. Jonathan avoided looking up. I smiled at them. She held my gaze for a few seconds, her expression open and curious and almost eager. Eager for what? Both their hands were below the table. Were they holding hands? They seemed like people who truly felt things, who touched their emotions. Their lives were lit by an inner incandescence. I tried to imagine their home, full of colour, intense flowers in asymmetrical vases, unapologetic paintings, perhaps leaning rather than hung on the walls. They probably said things to each other in bed, and made sounds for each other, with no self-consciousness. Her arms would be thrown up above her head. His body relaxed in its sensuality. They had brief intense fights, about their jealousy and their drinking, and they shouted at each other and then reconciled with passion. I felt suddenly that my life with Jonathan, with its contentment, its pacifism, was in fact the absence of true feeling. The woman leaned in and asked in an exaggerated whisper: “How long have you been married?” I stared at her. Jonathan looked up then and I imagined him, later, back home, saying how outrageous it was for a complete stranger to ask such a personal question. It seemed perfectly normal to me to be asked this by this attractive woman on a train. The man was watching me, too, his expression like hers. They were similar even in their expectations. “Too long,” I said, surprising myself, wanting to match her confident and playful air. Because I felt nervous, my voice was louder than I wanted it to be, especially for the quiet carriage. Jonathan was looking at me. I expected the woman to smile but to my astonishment her face clouded over, into whimsical sadness. “How did you know we were married?” Jonathan asked the woman and I turned to him in surprise. Jonathan talking, Jonathan asking a direct question, and not in that over-done whisper meant to show that he was following the quiet-carriage rules. She shrugged, gestured towards us both, as though to say that it was obvious. “Because we don’t talk?” I wanted to quip, to keep them interested in me, and to halt my rising panicky discomfort. “Must be nice to be so comfortable with each other,” the man said, his face similarly clouded as the woman’s. I understood then what that expression was. Longing. They admired us. This at first seemed to me so incongruous that I nearly laughed, and then it took on a grave weight that sudd- enly made me feel so much smaller, almost weightless. Did they admire us because they were themselves grieving something? Had I misread them from the beginning? “He’s your best friend,” the man said to me, gesturing toward Jonathan, and then glanced at the woman, as though to conclude an unfinished unspoken point. “And she’s your best friend. You tell each other the truth. You trust each other.” A long pause. Jonathan, I sensed, was done with these strange people. He went back to his iPad. Tears were running down the man’s face. The woman’s eyes were large and liquid. I felt trapped, confused about them and yet also responsible for them. “Yes,” I said finally. I remembered how I would lie next to Jonathan, watching him sleep, his lips slightly parted, and how I would touch his neck gently and think ‘May nothing ever happen to him.’ I had never told him how often I did that. Source
  7. President Muhammadu Buhari has finally arrived Abuja after over 100 days stay in London, United Kingdom where he had been receiving medical attention since May 7. The presidential aircraft that conveyed the President landed at the Presidential Wing of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja at about 4.35pm. He was received by top government officials led by the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo. The President inspected a guard of honour mounted by men of the Nigeria Police Force. Source
  8. Atlanta Pride Weekend

    Atlanta Black Pride Weekend - August 30th - September 5th, 2017 Source
  9. Spectranet 4G LTE has introduced Pebble MiFi, an unique offering that comes with features matched with speed and reliable data services. The firm said the development was part of its product development plan to enrich customers’ experience. “The Pebble MiFi device, an addition to the Spectranet device family, will enable subscribers to connect more to the world and get value-affordability, speed and unbeatable service,” the company said in a statement on Monday. “The new Pebble MiFi is artistic and comes with 30GB data. It is equally handy and easy to move around for indoor and outdoor purposes and has a long battery life,” the statement added. The Head, Marketing, Spectranet 4G LTE, Mike Ogor, stated that the Pebble MiFi would bring the world closer to the brand’s customers and Internet users in Nigeria. “The new Pebble MiFi is a great addition to our family of devices, offering great Internet experience at an affordable price. The device will enable our customers to con nect more to the world flourishing with possibilities and connections. “As a customer-centric brand, we are making a bold statement with the Pebble MiFi that more value will be derived from our devices. This device is giving them a lot more data at an affordable rate,” Ogor added. Source
  10. Read this online and thought to share. Enjoy! It’s happened to all of us. “But how do lesbians do it?” some idiot asks. Fuck. They mean how do lesbians fuck. It can be very awkward and embarrassing to start describing your last sexual encounter in full detail. Instead, I’ve made you this handy educational tool. Here is a very simple explanation, along with visual aids to help the idiot in your life who just doesn’t get it. It’s spelled out real clear and simple so anyone can understand! Part One: How to find out if sex has indeed occurred Lesbian A has a rate of arousal of 70 miles per hour (mph), she leaves Dryton heading toward Wetton, 260 miles away. At the same time Lesbian B, traveling 60 mph, leaves Clothedville heading toward Nakedville. When can we say that the two lesbians actually “meet”? To solve this problem, we’ll use the arousal formula: Arousal = Attraction x Drunkenness Since an equation (and a heart) remains true as long as we perform the same operation on both sides, we can divide both sides by attraction. So attraction is defined as arousal, divided by drunkenness (which is a ratio, as we are all well aware). I’m 2:3 right now! TMI, LOL. Horniness is another word used for attraction. When a problem says that a lesbian is moving at a speed of 40 mph, you can understand this to mean that the lesbian’s horniness is 40 mph, which means she will travel 40 miles in one hour, just to climax. The relative horniness of the two lesbians is the sum of how horny they are both feeling. In our problem, the relative horniness of the two lesbians is 70 mph + 60 mph = 130 mph. Wow! That’s a lot of horniness! These two didn’t get very far through Orange Is the New Black Season 5 this evening! At this point, we know two of the three unknowns–attraction and arousal –so we can solve the problem for drunkenness (can we get some strong, black coffee over here?). Remember that drunkenness = arousal/attraction (so true!), arousal is 260 miles, and the relative horniness is 130 mph: d = 260 miles/130 mph d = 2 hrs. We find that the lesbians “meet” after two hours. Clearly, this is a formula that you can use to check whether or not two women have had sex, so if you or a friend is unsure what you actually did counts, you can work it out! But we still don’t know the actual mechanism by which lesbian sex happens. Hey–don’t worry–I’ve got this! Here is a simple diagram to show the process. Part Two: the mechanics of lesbian sex I know this diagram is super obvious, I mean, hello?! What is this, second grade? I’m just going to go over it to make sure no-one is left behind, just like in lesbian sex! A – Both lesbians strike the gooba pose, making sure that the left lesbian is looking in the right lesbian’s right eye. B – The right lesbian manoeuvres at a 90-degree angle. Make sure she’s not obtuse. I hate obtuse. Here the lesbians must decide whether to go through steps C & D or E &F: C – The left lesbian inserts her smallest finger into the right lesbian’s klimpa hole. D – Both lesbians get on their knees and pray to the Goddess. OR E – The right lesbian can choose to tease the labia majora to the sides and coax out the sappholic trox. F – Both lesbians make a blood sacrifice to the white witch Stevie Nicks. H – Wel,l H is really a leap of faith. It’s only lesbian sex if you believe it’s lesbian sex. Both lesbians must make it to the other side, or it will not count. I – Is the final 90-degree turn, that must be the exact mirror image of the first, and performed by the left lesbian. Lesbian sex is now happening! I hope that’s helped. It’s obviously very different to straight sex, so you couldn’t possibly have guessed what happens! Hey, person asking how lesbians have sex: How do you have sex? I’d love to find out. Source
  11. The biggest signs that somebody is toxic in your relationship are: If you become the root of all evil. If anything that goes wrong is always your fault. They could never admit to being wrong. You always got to beware of someone who cannot say “sorry.” Someone who can’t say “sorry” you know that as soon as it hits the fan and it gets difficult you’re going to be in a bad time with that person. Anybody who looks to do damage. Psychologists call it “scorpion behaviour.” If you get close to a scorpion and a scorpion gets scared, then that stings you. A bad, toxic partner, when they are afraid, won’t tell you they’re afraid. Instead, they’ll just sting you. They’ll try to do damage. Toxic partners won’t actually talk through things or be vulnerable with you. Instead, they hide. Toxic partners will lie about anything. They’ll find any way to make you the crazy one. Such a person will erode your confidence over time in a very powerful way. Source
  12. Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II and Queen Wuraola-Zynab Ogunwusi’s marriage has allegedly crashed. Thecapital.ng reports that Olori Wuraola was accused of many unpublishable things and lack of commitment to her marital vows. “*Why Olori Wuraola Ran To Obasanjo For Quick Intervention. Alas, one year down the line, the marriage has crashed irretrievably. The well-celebrated marriage has run its full course. While it lasted, they had no child. Inside sources described the marriage as a sham, plagued by suspicion, hatred and devoid of love; they accused Olori of many unpublishable things and lack of commitment to her marital vows. Even as you read she is not on talking terms with her in-laws. The allegations are as wide as they are wild. Back then when Olori Wuraola held sway, she had the world at her feet; she got her wishes at the snap of a finger and she literally ruled the royal household. Wherever he went, she was constantly by his side. She basked in the stratospheric adulation that came with being the apple of the Ooni’s eyes. Pray, who wouldn’t? Unfortunately, things have changed and many within the palace now snigger and sneer at her for losing her position as the queen to one of the most powerful Monarchs in Africa. Curiously, however, on arrival from a trip recently, Olori Wuraola scurried to the home of former President Olusegun Obasanjo to intervene and probably advise her husband not to be influenced to dump her like a bad habit and get another wife. Both have since gone their separate ways perhaps ruing what was and what could have been.” Source
  13. A woman’s vagina is meant to smell. Well, at least not in any way offensive. Physicians say a woman’s vagina is filled with different types of (good) bacteria and that each woman’s “smell” is completely different and unique to them — just like the vaginas themselves in terms of shapes and sizes. “Some women’s vaginas may naturally smell stronger than others – and all of this is completely normal,” experts say. However, there are some things a woman’s nether regions can smell like that can be a bit off – and can be a sign of a health issue. The following are the five smells you need to look out for: • It smells like … yeast. While yeast infections don’t often smell, if you notice a thick, cottage cheese-like discharge, this could be a sign of infection. Your vagina will also be itchy and could be red. So, it’s best to see a doctor. • It smells … musky. If you have exercised recently or are wearing non-breathable underwear, this can cause a musky scent from the trapped sweat. This should go away once you have a shower; but to minimise the scent, don’t sit around in sweaty clothes. • It smells like … fish. If it smells like you brought the fish market home with you, this is the most common scent that points towards bacterial vaginosis. This is the most common vaginal infection in women between ages 15 and 44. It occurs when the vagina’s pH levels are thrown off by an overgrowth of “bad” bacteria – but it’s not a sexually transmitted disease and is mostly harmless. • It smells … metallic. This one is no cause for concern, as it will generally happen when a woman gets her period. Blood can change the pH levels of a vagina and make it smell coppery. This odour should pass once the period ends. Avoid scented soaps, as this will throw off your pH balance even more. • It smells … rotten. This would normally happen if a tampon has accidentally been left in for a few days or more. If you can’t get the tampon out yourself, head to the doctor and they can get it out for you. However, something to be wary of is toxic shock syndrome which is a fatal condition linked to the tampon being left in for too long, Daily Star says. Source
  14. New research has revealed that mosquitoes prey on their victims due to a number of factors. They also say that the species of mosquitoes you are exposed to can determine whether or not you are going to be bitten. So, why do mosquitoes bite you? These reasons… • Beer. Some studies reveal that mosquitoes are attracted to beer drinkers, though this is only relevant to one type of mosquito. • Type O Blood. If you have Type O blood running through your veins, you’re prime candidate for mosquito bites! Research published in the Journal of Medical Entomology found that mosquitoes were 83.3 percent more likely to land on type O carriers than type A carriers. Again, this appears to apply to one particular species of mosquito. • Pregnancy. In 2003, an experiment was conducted in eastern Sudan to see if mosquitoes were more attracted to pregnant women than non-pregnant women. The results, published on NCBI, found that out of the 18 women, the nine pregnant women attracted significantly more mosquitoes, especially ones that were carrying malaria. This could be because of raised temperature and how women’s body odour changes during pregnancy. Again, only one species of mosquito is attracted to pregnant women. • Gender. Interestingly, only female mosquitoes bite, as the nutritional value of blood helps develop their eggs. They also seem to prefer to bite more men, but women are more badly affected by a bite. Women reportedly get bigger and itchy bites, but men are more likely to be attacked. • Genes. There is also the belief that mosquitoes could be attracted to you because of your genetic make-up. An indicator of this could be if you have a bad reaction to a bite, such as the size of the bite or the intensity of the itchiness. • Carbon dioxide. This one is quite hard to avoid, as your body naturally produces around 2.3 pounds of carbon dioxide a day, which is breathed out through your lungs. Well, you have to breathe, so you can’t avoid mosquito bites by withholding your breath. Good news, though: Mosquitoes tend to prefer people who emit more than the standard levels of carbon dioxide—a situation that is common among pregnant women and overweight people. • Lactic acid. Mosquitoes love the lactic acid that the body produces when you work out. The acid is released as you sweat, making you a prime target, especially if you are hot and tired. • Bacteria. If you have lots of different bacteria on your skin, mosquitoes will be less attracted to you. The chemicals that build up your natural smell could repel them. A study published in PLOS showed that a group of people with a more diverse colony of bacteria were less likely to attract mosquitoes, than those with less. Source
  15. Do this for $1,000,000?

    Will you do this for $1,000,000?