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Found 8 results

  1. How Long?

    When you meet someone (however y'all meet. Lol. Be it online, whatsapp group, in person etc...). How long would you wait before letting them know that it isn't going to work or that you can't continue with the getting to know process? OR Do you simply go cold turkey/bail and cut all forms of communication? Have you ever experienced this, How did you handle it? Alternatively, how were you let down if you have ever been at the receiving end of such situations.
  2. Girlfriend Vs Friend(s)

    What would you do if your girlfriend doesn’t like or isn’t comfortable with you being friends with one or more of your friends? Stop talking to them? Keep your distance? Or talk it through? (Open to other scenarios)

    I feel this is unacceptable, what do you think about a mother and daughter lesbian relationship?
  4. Sexual Compatibility

    This topic was inspired by one in the anonymous section. Have you ever had an issue developing a sexual connection with anyone? I have also heard a few stories of this happening from friends and how all effort to force a connection was to no avail. Sex wasn't just happening for them. Why do you think this could occur?
  5. Falling in Love

    If you had magical powers to make someone fall in love with you, would you? Why?
  6. Should it Matter?

    I find these questions coming up quite often in discussions with older lesbians. 1. Would you date someone who has never had sex with a woman before? 2. Would you be with someone who has never dated a woman before? Please give reasons if it's a 'NO' to either or both.
  7. The biggest signs that somebody is toxic in your relationship are: If you become the root of all evil. If anything that goes wrong is always your fault. They could never admit to being wrong. You always got to beware of someone who cannot say “sorry.” Someone who can’t say “sorry” you know that as soon as it hits the fan and it gets difficult you’re going to be in a bad time with that person. Anybody who looks to do damage. Psychologists call it “scorpion behaviour.” If you get close to a scorpion and a scorpion gets scared, then that stings you. A bad, toxic partner, when they are afraid, won’t tell you they’re afraid. Instead, they’ll just sting you. They’ll try to do damage. Toxic partners won’t actually talk through things or be vulnerable with you. Instead, they hide. Toxic partners will lie about anything. They’ll find any way to make you the crazy one. Such a person will erode your confidence over time in a very powerful way. Source
  8. The “Kedike” singer explained that while there is nothing wrong with wanting to get married, one also needs to wait on the Lord while worshiping him and ministering to him. Some of you do not understand the benefits of being single, while you’re not married, you ought to be involved with God. At 5am you can lie in bed and pray in the spirit, you can lie on the floor and worship, you can lie in the bath, praising and worshipping for as long as you want. The Lord wants you to come home at the end of the day and say ‘Lord, I went through so much today, I couldn’t wait to get home to worship you, I’m glad you’re here’. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be married, just take care of the Lord while you’re waiting, minister to Him and worship Him. You’re in a position and posture of prayer. The Lord has become your necessary food. There is a special relationship between God and the single believer. God has a special anointing for the woman who is free to seek Him. Her prayer life should explode in miracles. Do you agree ladies?