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  1. Sex Work is Work

    So, I have read a few posts today and I see how we look down on runs girls and people who have sex for money. For me, I know sex is a currency and many people (men, women, trans people) have sex for money. Be it sugar mummy/daddy, be it standing on the street, be it well to do GF in university that you don't love, sex work takes many different ways and forms. And for LGBT people, it is even more common because we have to leave our homes to cities where we can be far from those who know us to be able to find love. When we get to Lagos, Calabar, PH and Abuja, our options are limited until we somehow find commodities to trade, many times our bodies.Many people clean houses, other people sell clothes in madam's shop, many people do different hustles while selling sex on the side. So my question is this: why do a lot of us look down on sex work? Is it because we have been taught by religion, society and our peers to think of it that way, or is it because we somehow on our own thought it through and decided it was unacceptable. I'm asking cos it took me a while to change my mind too