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Found 4 results

  1. Read other parts to enjoy this one as usual. ******$***#¢******†*†*****†************* She ended the call and finally got out of bed. What was that conversation about though? She found something? What could that be and how important was this thing? Good for me anyways, I could finally ask her for my interview. She went into the bathroom and I could hear her taking a shower. She came out in a bath robe. She started to apply body lotion and I looked away. I did not want to see anymore as my emotions were already all over the place. I was feeling vulnerable and weak. I did not like it at all and I wished I could just walk out the door and forget this ever happened. What was I even doing here? I just wanted to go back to my life, this wasn't me! She had been looking at me through the mirror all these while and our eyes met. She was reading me, I tried to change expressions but it wasn't working, she was reading me. "You want to leave," She wasn't asking, she was telling me what we both knew. " I will do anything if you stay for lunch" she said confidently. Cocky bitch. She had me right where she wanted me. Of course I had things I wanted her to do for me. Let me kiss her, let me have a go at her perky boobs and oh, before I forgot, get her to do the interview. GEEZ! I was slowly turning into a pervert. "You would do my interview , at the office. today after lunch?" I asked "If I do that Jane Doe, I would OWN you for the rest of my stay in Nigeria?" She asked with a very weird smile plastered on her pretty face. She looked so innocent but when she spoke, she was a vixen. "When you say OWN me, does it mean own like own? I asked confused. What was the bitch talking about though? "I mean that I own you, you owe me your thoughts, your body, your heart, your time, your opinions, it means I am a reaper and you are selling your soul to me." she let me ponder on those words. What do I do?? Damn! This bitch be the devil himself. How would it feel to be owned by Riley Moore? Do I lose my job or sell myself? ******************************************** I thought about it over and over again. If Riley Moore had me, what was the worst thing she could do to me? What if she told me to say something silly to someone or asked me to go naked to Ikeja? I needed to trust her and I didn't even know how to do that. She was a crazy bitch and I was seriously scared. I couldn't lose my job, I just I couldn't. "Gee!!! Trust me Jane Doe, I have no intentions of hurting you" she said, again reading my thoughts. "You can't keep doing that, reading my mind. I need my privacy sometimes" I said casually. "Come have lunch, we talk about those later." Lunch was awkward. I sat at the other end of the table and ordered snacks. she put the call through to the restaurant and made our orders. The food came fast as we ate in silence. I caught her watching me closely a few times but I refused to meet her eyes. I finally decided to risk it, I will be HERS for a couple of days, she wouldn't be in Nigeria forever, I needed my job. The table was cleared and once again we were on the bed. "So?" She asked. "I'm yours, whatever that means to you" "Trust me, you don't know the half of it" she said with that evil smile again. I toyed with my nails and looked away. "So we go to the studio in like two hours, I would make the necessary calls" I said looking at my wrist watch. " Okay! I'm Up for it, just need to get my make up artiste from the room opposite, and my security too. Let's have a drink before then" We finished a bottle of white wine and I felt myself loosening up. I felt light headed and the day event started to seem normal. It was nothing out of the ordinary, being here with a pretty girl, having drinks. She stood up suddenly . "Come" she said softly and she needed not to ask twice. I was on my feet, moving towards her like a zombie. I felt like a toy with a remote that only her could control. I stopped right in front of her as I looked straight into her eyes, and for a moment I was lost in them. I was trying to read her but she was like a closed book, She was blocking me out. "Stop it" she said softly and I stopped. She started to trace my lips with a finger and I was tempted to catch it between my teeth, but I was too much of a prude to do that. I just waited, for her to do it, for her to kiss me. It was the only thing I needed to survive right now, f***k Oxygen. She held my face and drew me closer, I couldn't wait any longer, I needed this, I was about to take her lips violently when My Phone RANG.
  2. As usual, you have to read other parts to understand this one. I hope you enjoy it. ******************$**$**************** I read it over and over again. Could this be a dream? I examined the card for the umpteenth time, the hand writing was like art. I stood up and searched for hidden cameras, this could be a prank. My Boss knocked just then and came in without waiting for an answer. I eyed him sarcastically and was about telling him about the note when he beat me to it. "You did not get an interview, yeah I heard how you made a fool of yourself. Almighty you, Miss perfect, Miss I hate everyone" He said laughing like a goat in heat. I so wanted to slap him. I would sell my soul to slap the idiot, but he continued "I also heard about the Note she sent to you. I don't wanna know about it, I just need an interview." He said as he dropped his pen "oops! I dropped my pen, I hope 50cent can help me pick it up" He laughed hard as he walked out. I sighed. "Bastard! Son of a___! Damn!". This wasn't a joke, I was going to see Riley Moore in her hotel room tomorrow. What do you wear to go see one of the biggest fashion icons in the world? Boy! I couldn't sleep. I stayed in bed that night, staring at the ceiling. I turned and tossed and day dreamed. How would it feel to kiss her? What would she feel like? What if I dared to make a move on her? Where were these weird thoughts coming from? I went over everything again and again till I slept off. I woke up very late and Called my boss to tell him I wouldn't be at work. He did not reply me, He just dropped the call. Fvcktard! I went into my small closet and searched endlessly for something decent to wear. Finally I settled for a casual Kneelength gown, a wedged shoe, and little accessory. My low cut hair looked okay but I still fussed over it with lots of hair gel. I checked the mirror and was satisfied with the results, I wasn't too shabby. I got into my small car and drove to the island. I got there right on time. I was used to places like this, thank God for my job. I had even travelled to other countries on many occasions to cover shows, so I confidently walked to the reception area. I greeted the attendant and stated my business . She eyed me wearily before fussing over her computer. Bitch was tired of her job and I could care less. She placed a call to Riley Moore's room and asked me my name which I told her before she directed me to the suite. I have never been this nervous in my life, even for interviews I was never this tense. My hand hovered in the air as I tried to knock, I counted to ten before knocking. "Come on in" I heard her shout. I turned the door knob and slowly entered into what looked like the sitting room, it was elegant as can be. I stood nervously there, peering into the bed room. "I said come in" She shouted again. I licked my lips and patted my hair as I entered in to the bedroom. She was on the bed, obviously naked under the covers. Her hair was a mess, a beautiful mess. She looked natural and beautiful and so human. She yawned and I smiled shyly, she was human after all she yawned and scratched like everyone else. The covers shifted slightly as she turned from lying on her stomach to lying on her back and her right boob popped out, it was just peeking at me. Damn! This bitch was crazy. I shifted my eyes quickly and mumbled a greeting. "Take a seat Jane Doe" she said. She hadn't looked at me since I came in. Her Ipad had all her attention and I wished I could be that ipad right now. How had she even known it was me? I sat down and crossed my legs facing the television and tried to gather my thoughts. All my life, I don't think anyone had ever seen me naked. All my exes had known about this. All our sex was always in the dark and once one idiot had almost penetrated my as****h**le giving the excuse that he couldn't see! "Use your hands fool" I had shouted that night. I never looked at my naked body, I had no mirrors in my bathroom and I seriously was not a fan of being naked. Seeing her just comfortable with her boob out was surprising to me, I was a stranger to her for f***k sakes. I would stare at the naked boob for minutes, it was gorgeous. Pointy nipples that were so dark against her fair skin. I would stare and stare and if I felt like she was going to look at me, I would quickly turn back to the T.V. I couldn't let her catch me staring. Was she ever going to acknowledge my presence? Finally she sat up on the huge king sized bed, " Come seat here, you're too far away" She said tapping a spot beside her. Her voice was hoarse in a sexy way and I could feel a tingle down my spine. GEEZ! Was I a lesbian or was I just in awe of being with a celebrity? These feelings and emotions were Allien to me. I have never wanted or needed anybody. I prided in being stoic and stiff, I never got wet because I was listening to someone. I didn't even like girls. I stood up cautiously and walked towards the bed. I felt like I was walking to my slaughter and I did not like the feeling. If Riley Moore was a dude, this would never happen. I would never visit a dude and sit on his bed in a hotel room but it was Riley Moore right? I wanted an interview and she was the only one that could give it plus what we the worst thing she could do to me? "There is something about the way you looked at me when you first saw me yesterday, it was raw and real. I could see everything you felt, I have not seen that in a long while. Most of my Fans usually plan their reaction, they know what they're going to do when they see me, but you are not my fan, you never expected to see me, and when you did see me, your reaction was epic. Somehow it got me horny." She said as she lit a cigarette. "Hope you don't mind" she dragged deep and puffed out. What could I reply to her? My mouth suddenly went dry. Did she just say I made her horny? I made Riley Moore horny? When was I going to wake up from this dream? "I'm a Fan" I said simply and looked away. "You are not" she replied "Yes I am, I liked that song you did with Kanye, can't really remember the name now" "You would remember if you were a fan" she said still puffing. "I can't remember because I'm trying to pinch myself. Yesterday you were in USA being Riley Moore and I was at work, today I'm sitting on your bed watching you smoke. Pardon me if I forget my name" I said seriously She burst into laughter, Sweet sound of genuine laughter. f***k being a stoic! I smiled too. "You don't laugh often Jane Doe, you enjoy being sad?" "There isn't much to laugh about, show me some money and amma laugh silly for you" "I bet I could make you laugh for free" she said laughing again as she dialled a number on her mobile. "Samir! Cancel my flight, I found something in Nigeria. I will tell you when I'm ready to move, I need to explore this thing I found." She ended the call and finally got out of bed. What was that conversation about though? She found something? What could that be and how important was this thing? Good for me anyways, I could finally ask her for my interview.
  3. Author's note: Well I have posted this story before but I had to take it down and work on it. I believe it's better now. it's going to be a long read. This story is fictional and it has nothing to do with anyone you know. Enjoy reading. * * * **********************#****************$#************* I grew up in a typical Nigerian village but I always had a different mentality from everyone else. While I played around the village butt naked or built sand castles with my tiny feet, I made it clear that I was different, one day I was going to be a star. It came as no surprise years later when I auditioned to be an on air personality for the biggest entertainment television station in Nigeria. I knew I could do the job, it did not compare to my huge dreams of Hollywood but I was actually just going to make do with it, to be honest Hollywood seemed too unrealistic for me at this point anyways. I went for the interview and got the job. What did you expect? Work was both fun and hectic, I was in every show, every party. It felt like a microphone was a part of my attire. The celebrities annoyed me. Proud mofos! They flirted shamelessly with me and I made it obvious that I wasn't going to be anybody's baby mama, talk less of broke ass celebrities with rented cars and no talent. Bunch of slimy fvcktards! I was a good actress, On camera I was different and immediately I heard the word "CUT" I took off my ass licking persona and came back to the killjoy I was. The smile wiped off my face and I became a grumpy broad again. I had just interviewed "3cool "when my boss signaled me to meet him in his office. I hated the man with a passion. If it came down to me choosing between him and a snake, I would kill him and save the snake. He knew about my hatred for him and he never seemed to care. "See how proud you look. You think you are better than the rest of us don't you?," He said with a sneer as he signaled me to take a seat. "Riley Moore would be coming into Nigeria to perform a top notch show. We need you to find a way to interview her. You get that interview and you can keep your job" He said this and walked out of the office. I sat there perplexed and wondered if the ancient monkey had meant what he had just said. Damn! Where do I start from? I couldn't get another well paying job considering the economy, I mean a dollar is now equal to five hundred naira. Damn! How do I go about this?? Wouldn't be easy but I had to try. Riley Moore! The one that was always high and naked. I even heard she could get high on water. What more? She was crazy and probably a lesbian. LESBIAN!!!! I had experimented with that shiiit once although it had been just a kiss. Who cares about stupid shit like that? f***k people who make a big deal out of emotions. I was seething with anger, how could I get the always high bitch to grant me an interview? I knew first hand how hard it was to get even the no talent musicians to grant me an interview. They always seemed too busy for anything else, I practically had to stalk them before a date was set so I Imagined what it would be like to get an international grammy award winning singer to do an interview. I was going to try, if it failed I would know I have done my best. I could maybe go back to teaching. I imagined it and cringed. f***k! f***k! f***k! She had landed, pictures were on social media like it was the second coming of our lord Jesus. Headlines like, 'Riley Moore steps on Nigerian soil,' 'Riley Moore uses Nigerian Toilet,' 'Riley Moore eats Nigerian banana.' Were spread every where on newspapers and magazines. The Nigerian celebrities too were not spared from the frenzy. There were about a hundred pictures of them with Riley Moore and it pissed me off, like who the f***k was she? She was going to be at the five star Marriott hotel performing a private show. I had to be there. I called my camera crew and we set out with our I.d cards boldly hanging from our necks. Security was tight, mehn! Sweat beads formed on my forehead as I stood hopelessly at the entrance, trying to get the scary bouncers to allow me in. "NO press" one of them kept shouting and pushing me backwards. I just wanted to leave my five fingers on his ugly looking face but my eyes kept checking out his muscles and my liver kept failing. I was devastated, all hope was lost. I chewed my lips nervously and waited for perhaps a miracle. I heard a commotion behind me and I turned around only to see her, standing tall and classy without even trying. She posed a few times for the camera before walking towards me again. My mouth fell open and I swear I felt a fly hover around my open mouth. I have never been hit with fatal attraction before in my life. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. Her skin was flawless and she walked like a queen, shoulders raised high, head held straight and She actually did put one foot in front of the other. She came closer and our eyes met. I was melting inside, if only she would answer my questions. I tried to point my microphone towards her and ask a few questions as she came closer but words failed me. She was looking straight at me and I could feel my hands shaking, next thing I knew my microphone dropped loudly from my hand and hit the floor, everybody turned to me. Oh My God! I was in deep shit, I was so embarrassed as hell. Everybody saw my microphone drop, I had just lost my job, I was done for. Damn! Thoughts were running through my head, should I run, should I smile. Crap! I was still in a confused haze, thinking of a reaction when I felt her beside me, and we reached for the damned microphone at the same time. Her perfume was something else, I wanted to slap myself. I should have just fainted to complete the disgrace. What was wrong with me? She got the microphone first and stood tall, towering above me. "Sorry" she said as I grabbed the microphone from her . she walked past me and actually answered a few questions from other 'Sane' presenters and I almost wept, like that could have been me. My life had just changed forever, and I did not even know it... I packed up and walked towards the camera crew as they looked at me with Pity. It was obvious that it was over, I guess they were aware of the threat my boss had shouted at me. "What could we possibly do now?" Bulus asked as he loaded our car . I walked absent mindedly to the car and stood staring off. The security detail on Riley Moore though, big, tall, well muscled guys. The Nigerian bouncers had seemed like dwarves standing next to them at the entrance. I was thinking of cursing my village ancestors when one of the White security guys walked towards me. "Excuse me Miss! I have a message for you from Riley" Uh! I looked around to check if Taylor swift was behind me. Who else could he be referring to? He kept coming towards me. The camera crew came out one after the other. They also watched him curiously as he reached our car . "Here, she asked me to give you this card." I collected it slowly and watched him leave. "What is in it?" Bulus asked excitedly "My friend get into the car and drive us back to the office. Jobless poke nose" I hissed as I climbed into the passenger seat. My heart kept beating fast till I got into my office. I couldn't wait to read it. What could be in it? I took off my jacket and reclined into my leather chair then pulled out the card. Hey! Sorry about the mic shiii, Woulda answered any of your Questions but ur mic was on the Floor and you had no questions. Meet me for lunch 12:pm tomorrow Same venue.Room 25. TO BE CONTINUED........
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