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My first Lesbian Sex


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xenastar    16

WWell, it was my 1st year in UNN. :rolleyes: My room mate Linda left the school and i got a new one. I never felt anything for Linda cuz she was shy and strictly a straight girl not bisexual. My new room mate was Chioma, a 5"7" girl with brown hair, sexy ass, and small tits. We mixed up easily as she was my oldest friend Ruth, I call her Ruthy. One night she was on her laptop under her blanket and i was asleep. I heard her moaning. It was confirmed that she is watching porn. Next night, I entered my room around 9pm. She was in bathroom. She came out in a towel. She opened it in front of me

She was naked and i got excited. She showed me her laptop and a porn lesbo movie was on. She said i"d love you if you do so with me, i"m wet. I jumped up and got naked. I threw her on bed and sucked her little tits. Her nipples were like Ruthy"s. She moaned and said,"oh Xena, f***k yeah..i wana f***k!" i fingered her p**sy while kissing on her lips. She moaned even more. I went down and licked her wet p**sy. i tounged f***ked her hardly.


She then stopped me and took a dildo from her drawer. She put me on the floor and said," you"re mine" she licked my clit and surprised me when she inserted that huge dildo into it. I moaned in pain and felt pleasure. She licked it again and said,"you"ve the bestpussy" i must tell you she licked it like an ice cream. She spat and licked it harder. The floor got wet with my and her juices

She put me down and spat on my as****h**le and tongue f***ked it. She did it so nicely. All this continued till 1am. I was tired. She pulled her laptop and showed me a video in which a girl was fist f***king another gal. She took out her fist and f***ked me hard. From that day, we f***k almost every night and get all the pleasure...She smelled so erotic, I always love her perfume. As we both lay naked on bed with silk blankets running over and between us. She slowly positioned her self on top of me. She kissed me on the neck, licks my lips, touches my tit. I just can"t believe that"s true her body is so tight, she"s ofcourse an athlete she runs 20miles everyday and does power walks. Am the lazy one. She ran her finger on my thigh cupped my ass, kissed my boob. I was gasping for air.

She was lowering herself, I held her head with one hand ran the other on her back. God, I just get scared when she does this to me, in the beginning I told her that may be we shouldn"t do this, she always loves licking and sucking on my clit. I couldn"t resist her too much

She kissed me on mound, it was like telling me to stay in the bed not to runaway. I closed my eyes, took a heavy breath and lay still. Her tip of her tongue touched my lips, she kisses my lips. Inserts her tongue and draws circles. I piss off after sex, I realy don"t like this because it pushes me to urinate even on bed "Xena" "mmmm" "Do you wanna pee."


"Go on."

"On bed?"

"never mind."


I peed off before I tell myself to do so. She smelled my pee. She skin was so smooth which drove me insane wanting more of her. She begins to rub her body up and down on mine feeling her stomach on my p**sy was so amazing. She then took one of my nipples in her mouth biting it and flicking her tongue against it. I then moaned softly grinding against her while my bottoms were getting soaked. She then slightly giggled, because she could feel the wetness from my p**sy on her body. I bit my lip trying to hold back all my pleasureness moans, but couldn’t and just kept on moaning like crazy.

She then kissed me softly then whispered in my ear quietly, “Mmm you dey wet I love how e dey do for my body.” With that she nibbled on my ear, and me moaning in her ear biting it as well. I began to say and begging, “Please f***k me Chioma,I want you so badly make me moan your name, have your way with me.” She bit down on my cheek and kissed down my cheek neck, and back down to my nipples. “Mmmm I want to tease you so bad first.” She then began working on my left nipple, and playing with my right one getting it as rock hard as the one she was biting and sucking on, while I yelped out and moaned in pleasure.

Giggling she then kissed down my stomach spending time kissing and biting away at my hips. Right as soon as I started to moan her name she lost all self control and ripped off my bottoms. She leaned in and smelled my p**sy making her mouth water for a taste of me. Licking her lips she resisted burying her tongue deep in my wet p**sy. Instead she went after my thighs, she bit, licked and sucked on them. That got me going and by then I was screaming for her to f***k me! With that I gently and ever so softly kissed her p**sy lips getting a little bit of wetness on her lips. I put the dildo in and began to bang her in a doggy position. Chioma's phone began to ring but we both ignored the call, she was screaming so loud that i had to put my hair band in her mouth ;) to prevent suspicions from students in the hostel because wetin go happen go happen ooo. We had sex for about two hours that day



This was not my first lesbian sex :D .I and Chioma still have sex often, though we are no longer in the same room. I am in my 2nd year in the university.

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kimi    58

Major smh. Yack! Hahahahahaha


Happy post resurrection Friday! :D


@medicine gist us now?! :D

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fairy    7

lmao @medicine gist us na...

but wait o... this girl must be an 'obioma'... her story is cut and join.

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lala1990    7


It's you people's comments I'm even reading sef. All this I said ahh and she did this no dey work for me.

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Rawker    22

Why are you people jumping around and hating on old stories? Whats happening here? I want to join.

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