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Warri Mama Put Stew

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Tomato stew cooked with an assortment of meats. Typical to the people from the Niger-delta region of Nigeria.


The Lagos buka stew mainly uses some parts of a cow or goat meat. The Warri Mama Put for extra uniqueness of taste adds a bit of blended dried crayfish for oomph.


The Lagos buka stew is light in consistency but the Warri Mama put makes hers thick. A little can go a long way.


Now, let’s show you Warri Mama Put’s magic.


Let me warn you! I am not giving measurements for this recipe. Just follow the magic.




Spice and cook goat meat. (use seasoning cubes, onion slices, salt, curry and thyme).




Do same with the beef, chicken and turkey meat. Cook all the meats but use only the stock of the goat meat and poultry. The stock for the liver, kidney, heart should be discarded.


Blend onion, tatashey, tomato, pepper and some crayfish together. (You can make it a smooth paste or not too smooth).


Then cook in a pot until the water dries out. Set aside.




Now, in hot vegetable oil, fry beef, chicken, goat meat and turkey. Please do not fry the innards like liver, kidney, tripe etc.Fry till it is a bit dry. Well fried meat comes out great in stews.


Pour some oil into a pot, add sliced onions. Wait for it to brown slightly.


Then add the steamed tomato paste. Cook for 5 minutes, making sure to always stir to avoid burning.




Follow up with the tinned tomato paste. Stir fry for 2 minutes.




Add the fried meats.The ponmo, kidney, tripes, liver et al.




Mix together nicely. Looking gooood huh?!




Pour in the goat meat and poultry stock. (The stocks are thick from the cooking).




Blend gently. Chei! Someone shout Hallelujah!!! Add some more salt and seasoning if needed.




You can now add your fried fish (if using) and boiled eggs. Cover with the lid and cook with low heat until the oil separates from the paste.




Serve with rice, yam, plantain, potato, pasta, mixed with steamed okra for side dishes like eba, pounded yam, fufu etc.




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My stomach is growling.

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Nawa for wire road! My enemies don't want me to sleep this night.

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See kpomo dear Lord *crying*

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Am salivating ooo

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