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What Do You Think About Open Marriages/Relationships?

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FlyJ    137




So rumour has it that Alex Ekubo is secretly married but is in an open relationship with his wife, Rosemary. They've been married for three years without a child, but due to poverty, Alex dates rich women, so they can make ends meet.


Of course, wahala starts when Alex isn't bringing enough money and his wife, Rosie decides to seek greener pastures by dating Douglas, a divorcee.




This is the plot of the latest Emem Isong’s movie titled ‘CHAMPAGNE’. Alex plays the role of Tare Hopewell, Rosemary Zimu plays the role of Champagne Hopewell while Majid Michel plays the role of Douglas Oswald.


Why You Should Watch:

The scenes are so steamy (you may need rechargeable fan o)! Majid can play love sha.


Why You Should Watch:


The scenes are so steamy (you may need rechargeable fan o)! Majid can play love sha.




Who Will Love It:

If you love drama, incredibly charged romantic scenes and crime thriller, you will enjoy watching CHAMPAGNE.


CHAMPAGNE is now showing on iROKOtv.com



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Abystacy    35

Lol.. ones life, their choices. . I've got no problem with open relationship or marriage as long as both partner accepts it And can deal with the baggage.


Personally it's a NO_NO_NO for me..I don't believe in open relationship or marriage of any kind.

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dequeen    41

Its takes a great deal of maturity to maintain an open relationship. I have not evolved to that point yet even though I understand that ,"Love is not about possession , love is about appreciation".

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Hawken    51

Nah, I'm not about the sharing life. I mean I'm even territorial with food, is it my lover i will nau share? I'd rather we went our separate ways.

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