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21 homosexual students arrested in Asaba, Delta State

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FlyJ    72



Police men in Asaba, Delta State, have arrested 21 students who are allegedly homosexuals.

According to Punch, a reliable source said that two state-owned polytechnics (names withheld) where the suspects were arrested, were popular with homosexual activities for financial gains.


Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Mrs. Celestina Kalu, confirmed the arrest of the suspects.

She said:

“We had it on good authority that the male students allegedly engaged in anal sex. The suspects, upon interrogation, made useful statements to the police while investigations are ongoing.”



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Hawken    22

Very unsettling photo. Mans gats leave this country sharp sharp because it seems they are on a witch hunt.

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Amol    13

I might be wrong but who else suspects they were told to strike that pose...?. it's pure ridiculing and cruel that you would jail people for this.

why would it be made the constitutional duty and right of the govt to know who I'm sleeping with; or even selling my body to?

major witch hunting and just for personal gain...

total show of joblesness and irresponsibility of law makers. Also a total waste of tax payers money.


the next thing now, they'll set up a tsk force dedicated to it.


This is not even talking about the abuse and trauma these people will face in jail once people know what they are doing time for...

A govt is supposed to protect its people not throw them to the dogs.



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Hawken    22

Of course they were told to strike that pose. Thats why we should all leave this country very quickly. Very quickly indeed.

I'm sorry to say but i feel no attachment to Nigeria. None at all.

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