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Documenting Queer Women’s Narratives

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Althena    35

Cassava Republic Press and The Initiative for Equal Rights are excited to announce the production and publication of a book focusing the life stories of queer women in Nigeria. During the discussion around the same sex marriage bill, there was a lot of rhetoric about the alieness, non-nigerianess and non-africaness of homosexuality. Not only did this discussion ignore Nigeria's long history of queerness and gender non-conformity, they made us invisible by talking about us but giving us no avenues to speak. A few friends thought we needed to change this and approached TIERS and CRP to see if they were interested and we got a loud YES. So what this book intends to do is increase the visibility, and provide a platform for usually marginalized voices to share our stories, our experiences and realities.


The book will shed a light on our thriving LGBTIQ community in Nigeria, and let other queer women know that they are not alone. We want to encourage awareness of how gender, sexuality and identity intersects in Nigeria, and to shift public discourse.


For this, the story editors are interviewing women (anonymous or not) from across Nigeria. We are looking for stories from women who identify as anything other than straight to share their stories about growing up, first crush, dating, relationships with friends, relationship with family, the coming out process, discrimination, migration, work, money, being (or not being) a part of the queer community, their hopes for the future, or any other topic that strikes their fancy.

Full confidentiality is guaranteed and participants are free to withdraw their narrative any time before publication.


We hope this book is a necessary step in improving the understanding of the realities of queer women in Nigeria. If you are a lesbian, bisexual, queer and/or trans woman in Nigeria and are willing to share your story, send us a brief email on frauthinker@***************.com (at yahhoo dot com) before 30th December 2015 and we will contact you immediately.


*As a security measure, all conversations are carried out using anonymous encrypted tools and interviews are immediately transcribed and transferred to an encrypted drive

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kimi    58

Hahahahaha! Very tempting :D

See? We're making some headway!

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