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Across Space and Time (Edited)

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msztee    0

I watched her sleep, her right hand thrown across her eyes leaving her only her lips, slightly parted, visible. Her left had lay on her belly, not totally flat but in an unintentionally formed arch.


Her chest rose and fell with every breath she took and let out. I was lying beside her on the rumpled hotel bedsheets, th duvet had somehow ended up on the ground.

She was dressed in nothing but lingerie, which rode up her thigh exposed her evenly trimmed pubic hair, promise of the warm, wet flesh that lay beneath. I trailed my finger down her thigh, I was dressed in a pair of short, no panties on and i could feel my nipples harden.


My fingers trailed up again and started to roll up the lingerie, slowly but with purpose, exposing more flesh with every turn. Her body was perfect, soft, smooth.

With her belly button exposed, I couldn't help myself, i leaned in an kissed her belly, lightly, tenderly. I felt her stir, her hand falling to her side.


I groaned softly, an attempt at releasing the desire that had my lower belly in flames...


I raised my head to catch her watching, a her perfect lips curling into a smile, the tiny, almost invisible scar above it following suit. I smiled back and exposed her breasts, lowering my head back to her navel.


I started to make my way higher with each kiss, my knees in between her thighs. Her hands were on my head now and with every kiss she moaned and moved, each one a little more demanding than the last.


Wandy, my Wandy, everything I needed, desired and Lil more. I wanted to show her, tried with every touch to express just how she made me feel.


My lips finally made it to the spot just under her breasts....

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lala1990    8

Nice one

Really nice.

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kimi    117

Love making is amazing when done with the other half of you... On those nights when you watch her sleep; when love's tenderness makes room enough for lust to soar.


Read heartfelt, like a personal experience. I enjoyed reading.

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