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Ghanaian Movie Stars protest “Beasts of No Nation” Inclusion in Ghana Movie Awards

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It started with Yvonne Nelson and now a host of Ghanaian movie stars are protesting against “Beasts of No Nation“‘s inclusion in the list of Ghana Movie Awards 2015 nominees. The movie scooped up a whopping 15 nominations.


She said, “It’s not fair to all of us if they submit that movie because it is not a Ghanaian production. The fact that it was shot in Ghana doesn’t make it a Ghanaian production. So I won’t agree to that. If we are trying to promote our own, why will we go for a foreign production? You cannot compare a Hollywood production to a Ghanaian movie. The budgets are totally different.”


All the stars including Eddie Nartey and Prince David Osei agree that it is a great movie and it was indeed shot in Ghana. However, according to them, it is not a “Ghanaian movie”.










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Lol. Why are they suddenly crying that the production quality is different? Afterall they and their Nigerian counterparts claim next best after Bollywood. I've seen European movies go neck to neck with American movies, it's about time for us Africans.


Tbh, its not a Ghanian movie, but what are the rules to determine a movie's country?

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