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Althena    40

For the past 6 months, all I have heard about was Carol. On twitter, on blogs, on youtube...see, there wasn't a single place filled with lesbians that I wasn't covered with talk of the Movie Carol. The early reviews had me salivating, Cannes festival has picked it as one of the featured movies, the previews were really nice, and to cap it off, Cate Blanchette and Roony Mara looked like you could lick them off the screen. I was ready to use all my data to download this sh*t!

"One of the year's very best films" - Rolling Stone

"A very gorgeous film" - Vanity Fair

"Cate Blanchette and Rooney Mara give two of the best performances of the year" - Entertainment

To cap it off, Lesbian Royalty and Goddess Melisa Etheridge tweeted "The wife and I watched @CarolTheMovie last night...I am overwhelmed by its beauty and truth...it is a MUST SEE...stunning" I was like, okay lets do this!!! After torrenting two bad files, we finally got a clean version. 1:56min movie I was like yay, bring on all the lesbian drama and gorgeousness...

So we sat down at 8pm, bought cookies and icecream, switched off the light and started watching. 10mins later, the film was still just warming up. We were like okay...20mins later, still slow (read, boring). My straight flatmate decided to go and wash plates;imagine that. 50mins later, the movie was still flat. F. L. A. T!!!

All they did was talk ( as if trying to fulfil every lesbian cliche) and have close up of their faces. The language and script was dry, the voice Cate Blachette decided to use was low and sultry with a southern drawl but it just came off as slow and lazy. To cut the story short, we decided to stop at 58mins when the cookies ran out.

The next day, we decided to up our lesbian cred and finish the movie. And we did. It was still boring to be honest.

They had very little chemistry, and the little they had was faked, the sex was unconvincing, after they had sex, they said some pretty f***ked up sexist sh*t like "I took what you gave willingly" like a man talking about virginity, erh, hello heteronormativity.

Anyways, if someone gives you the movie on a flash and you are absolutely bored, feel free to watch it. But after that, under no circumstance should you go to the cinema to watch this, pay for it in traffic, or waste your data downloading it. The. Movie. Is. Not. Worth. Squat. I am still pissed as this is two hours of my life I will never get back




The cinematography was beautiful. Also the locations were very 1960s chic

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Hawken    51

I already had this on queue on my Utorrent, thanks for saving my data.

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Amol    14

Save your data. Get it from someone via flash drive, watch it in short doses. 30-40mins a day. Why? Because it's as boring as hell but you wanna watch it so you can diss it at your next queer (or straight) gathering...


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Suavity    40

I think the movie was cool though.

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Milad    6

Wasnt as good as I thought it would be. Just as a warning if you live in the states be careful with torrent downloads in the new year, new law passed with budget that allows companies to sue. Primewire.ag is great for streaming however, make sure you have adblock plus on your broswer, malwarebytes and a good antivirus before venturing there to watch videos and always read the how to watch videos on this site page!

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lala1990    8

It's not that bad. Gets a bit annoying with all the close up camera work and nothing much to write home about it, the love sef looked watery but you get a fuller picture if you read the novel. In the '50s that love was supposed to be special, these days not enough reason to warrant a movie. Story line is too simple for a 2015 audience.

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Bummy    16

The film depicts a love story in the 50s in a brilliant way. It is truly slow but feels so real, the chemistry was okay for me, it was intended to be a simple story,I like that they didn't try too hard and Cate blanchett is such a gorgeous actress, Rooney Mara too. The sex scene wasn't really all that but i'd still recommend this movie to anyone who loves romantic movies(this isn't just a lesbian movie). I absolutely loved and still love it. The film is far better than most of the lesbian movies I have watched

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