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Jenny and I

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JayJacks    17

She met me in front of the computer when she walked in...

"Hmmmm. Someone must have lost something on Facebook today. How did your day go?"

Jenny wouldn't catch herself jealous for a second. It was like a code thing. For her, jealousy was just a waste of precious emotions. She hugged me tight from behind and kissed both cheeks. Her embrace was warm. Melted the feeling of searching for that face away, and suddenly guilt cruised through my entire body.

I broke free from the embrace, got up and looked into those beautiful coffee brown eyes. They were the sun in my dark world. The trophy I fought for. How can I appreciate beauty if I don't recognize it in Jenny. I smiled and kissed her forehead. Then raised her off the ground and walked towards the room with her pretty laughter floating all around.

"What has gotten into you?" Her smiling eyes fixed on me.

"Nothing, really. I made dinner."

"Then you should let me shower and set the table. Then we can eat as Queens"

"Nope. I have a better substitute for that burnt spaghetti bolognese I made". I laid her gently on the bed as she giggled. We kissed, she moaned.


"So soon?".

She laughed. "No, silly. To the bathroom"

Then she led me on as we helped ourselves get undressed.

The warm water ran down our bare bodies as we kissed. This always made her super horny. I pinned her to the wall and traced my way down the soft scanty hairs. Down to where it flowed milk and honey. Then I would kiss her soft, luscious breasts. Sending shocks down "the area". Then I would go down and search for a lost cause with my very handy tongue.

When we got out of the shower, the ice cream we would use in painting delicate walls would be by the bedside in a jiffy. Ice cubes too.

"Ahhhh...." I breathed out as I hit the bed beside her. She laid her head on my arm and held me tight.

"You're such a good cook. Outside the kitchen of course!"

We both laughed. Then the face flashed quickly through my mind. This couldn't be good.



To be contd...

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JayJacks    17

Hahahahahah. Thank you, ladies. Hold on just a lil bit more... suspense is the main ingredient. That's actually a continuation of "where you least expect it..." Expect part *** soon.

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