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Heartbreaking Video of 106-Years Old Woman Dancing as She Meets the Obamas

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FlyJ    70



Virginia McLaurin says she has been waiting all her life to see an African-American in the White House. So, when she finally got a chance to meet President Obama, the 106-year-old woman was super excited.


In a video posted by the White House Sunday night, you can see just how excited she is at the opportunity.


According to reports, back in 2014 Virginia McLaurin began a social media campaign to meet the Obamas. She filmed a YouTube video in which she explained, “I didn’t think I’d ever live to see a colored president. I am so happy. I pray for you every day of my life.” The YouTube video was accompanied by a White House petition and a Facebook page.


We’re glad she finally got to meet them.


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JayJacks    17

For someone who might have experienced the horrors of slavery, shqe's just got to dance. So sweet.

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