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5 tips that will help lesbians stay happy and healthy

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FlyJ    138



For my saphically inclined sisters. We may not all be aware, but several research studies have proven that among all sexual activities between male to female, male to male and female to female, that sexual activities between female to female persons, has the lowest transmission of STD’s and STI’s.


Even though this may seem like a good thing for lesbians, facts still have it that there is every possibility that lesbians can still catch something during sex, especially as most lesbian women develop a laid back attitude when it comes to protecting themselves during sex and many are of the believe that lesbian sex is 100 percent safe.


In fact, for most lesbians, protection during sex is an oxymoron and barely exists.


However, in 2014, the U.S state of Texas, recorded a rare case of female to female HIV transmission. With neither of the women having prior sexual history with a man or intravenous drug use (Although it is crucial to note that they had rough sex to the extent that they bled). Lesbians can also transmit other STD’s such as bacterial vaginosis, Chlamydia, herpes and gonorrhea.


So below, we have provided 5 tips on safe sex for lesbians.


1) Sex Toys: When it comes to sex toys, sharing isn’t caring, before you end up sharing diseases. But if you insist on sharing, toys like strap-ons and dildos, you can put condoms on top of it or wash it before use.


2) Nail maintenance/proper hand wash: Most lesbians are known to keep short nails. One of the main reasons for this is because short nails are safer for fingering. Using long nails down there can cause injury or bleeding, which is almost like an open invitation to STD’s and STI’s. For safe lesbian sex the rule simply is; the shorter the better. Also, it is very important to wash your hands before getting down and dirty, you don’t want to stick germs up your partner’s VJ. Good hygiene is key for safe sex.


***) Dental Dams: Most gay-dies have never heard nor come across a dental dam before; it’s really good for oral sex. It is a condom like barrier method, made of thin latex rubber. It is described as ‘the lesbian condom’. However since it is as scarce as a hen’s teeth in Nigeria. You can make yours by cutting open a regular condom on the side. (You can find tutorials on how to create one out of a condom online).


4) Regular check with a doctor: Never too sure of yourself. Some diseases often show no symptom, such as Chlamydia and herpes. You can also see a gynecologist to get more information on how to take care of your sexual life.

5) Sex during menstruation: During this period, avoid having heavy sexual contact, so as to avoid contact with blood; diseases such as HIV are passed through contact with blood.



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kimi    117

Thanks for this Fly. Virgins like me needn't worry. What is a sex?

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vina    48

That nails own is very important. After rough sex somebody will be bleeding like it's your peeeeriod. Sex during menstruation?? Really ?? Who does that? Maybe once sha

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