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To Ask or Not To Ask

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kimi    119

This is one of the most overflogged questions; I will ask nonetheless for the benefit of those who are currently dealing or who will find themeselves in this situation. 

Here it is:

How do you go about asking a girl out when you are unsure about her sexual orientation?

What are things to look out for, pointers or obvious clues that she may also be into you?

Answers should be in the context of the Nigerian situation o... 



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scarlet    20

For pointers? I'd say personality plays a major role/differs greatly,  ( there are no  specific clues actually) if you had observed her closely and noted her predispositions overtime, then you take a step. although this " so called clues" does not necessarily guarantee a positive response at the end of the day ,  most often it back fires. for instance,  I once asked out  a girl who smiled warmly  at me whenever we bumped into each other,  even offered me to come over for dinner at some point sef, and always seek out a reason to come around  my hostel room,  ( this were actual "pointers") I naively  misunderstood the whole thing, I had thought she do girls or curious. But all I got was a "grave OMG disappointing look,"  I guess she was too aghast  to make a scene. ( twas a facial interaction). My only save was, that it was the end of an academic session, and I didn't get to see her again after the incident, still I left school.

 So, i guess I just ask them out, (takes a lot of guts) I believe the " worst thing that could happen? They'd either say No, or give "the frightening look".( I haven't encountered any different than the listed.) and that's oh Kay.

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