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Sex Work is Work

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Hawken    51

@Charlie , we are not looking down on them. Like i said, i just wish they would do something else. My problem however is with people who want us to make it an acceptable path to tread.

Btw, if you do the research, you will find out that a lot of prostitutes in countries were prostitution is legal are victims of trafficking.

Talking about last resorts, why aren't there more male prostitutes on the streets? Don't men go just as broke or desperate for money? Society has made prostitution an acceptable means of survival for women because, lesser beings. Women have been traded and treated like goods for way too long, making it legal simply makes it easier for it to continue.


1)Let me agree that for some women it is a power trip, a hobby (must be knitting) but really, how many % of prostitutes are in the business for power trips? 1%? 2%? Maybe 5%? Lets say 10! Should we then overlook the remaining 90% because of them?

2) LOL prostitutes go raw all the time. They just charge you extra. How do you think they get HIV? And other STDs?

***) A lot of those girls from well off families that prostitute do so because, greed. And the immense pressure to keep up. Show off. Slay. Show that they have arrived. All still economic reasons. PS a rich man, is afraid of poverty than a poor man.

While i agree that we could possibly never rid this world of prostitution can we could at least try? Give it our best? Let the proper authorities know that we will not tolerate it? Because so long as prostitution thrives in our society, human trafficking (little girls, boys, taken from their homes before they even know what their sexual organs are for) will always be an issue.

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Hawken    51
*** minutes ago, Hawken said:



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milaz    7

Personally I think it takes a lot of bravery to charge for something really exciting or sacred. What I don't like about sex and currency, is that there's no assurance about it being enjoyable. So even as the payer,it has barely any 'value'. Except u pay for certain tricks or benefits. (Topic for another day). All in all I just think its really unnecessary, but to those who pave that oath, I respect your hustle. Not my first choice at a crossroad but I guess its helped many girls sort their lives out and others dwindle further one job at a time....😓😓

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