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NaijaLez Rules

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Hi Members!


It is important to know the rules of the forum; You will find below rules that MUST be adhered to by all members.


1) Postings: First time members are required to make an introductory post, and must be at least 18 years old. Please make sure all topics are posted in the correct thread/section. This will help keep the forum organized, and will make it easier for users to locate topics.


2) Active Posters: Members are required to make at least 1 post every two weeks to keep their membership active. Failure to do so will result in the termination of membership.


***) Contact Information: Do not post your contact information i.e BB pins, telephone numbers, email address etc. Use the PM link to contact other members if need be. This is for your safety. Posts with contact information will be deleted


4) Illegal Postings: Postings that contain images such as child pornography, drug dealing or other illegal activities, images or information are not allowed. You accept full responsibility for what you post as we cannot be held liable for the activities or posts of others.


5) Duplicate/Repetitive Postings: Duplicate posting with identical or similar texts are not allowed. Duplicate postings will be removed.


6) Flaming/Stalking: Insulting or provoking another forum user is considered as flaming. Users who repeatedly disrespect other users will be BANNED. Stalking another member for any purpose is not allowed. Stalking is defined as targeting another member and following them around the forums, confronting them in various ways (sexual advances, threatening, arguing, disrespecting, soliciting, etc) ,and in numerous threads or PM.


7) Obscene/Pornographic/Violent postings: Unless these contribute something useful to the discussions, they will be deleted.


8)Spamming: Those who come here and post numerous links to other commercial websites, forums, chat rooms or communities, without actually contributing any content to this website will be banned without notice. You can post an interesting and relevant link to a site if it is relevant to the particular topic.


9) Banning: People who violate these rules repeatedly will be banned without notice. Once you are banned with a reasonable cause we do not discuss it.


10) Respect: This forum has an excellent staff of administrators who work very hard to keep the site free from spam and trolls. In order to get the job done, we require everyone to be RESPECTFUL to fellow members and administrators. We won't tolerate ANY disrespect towards our mods and admin. If you have any concerns, please contact the administrators through PM and they will do their best to address your concerns.



Other than these restrictions, people are free to post whatever they choose. We promote FREEDOM OF SPEECH and we enjoy having all of you on here.

Thanks for reading, have fun browsing and interacting with forum members!

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