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I was always attracted to women but was never brave enough to do

anything about it. There was one brief encounter in college where a few

friends got me drunk and if I had not gotten scared we probably would

have had a good time but though I was turned on I was more afraid and the

fear won. I got married but sex with my husband was always boring. I

craved a woman to touch me. But one day a trip to the bookstore changed

my life.


I?m 29, 5?2 with long, shiny, silky hair that goes down my back, brown eyes

and 34D boobs that men always wanted to touch. Thanks to genes I look

much younger. It was a rainy day and I had the day off from work. I decided

to head to the bookstore and spend some time there reading, having coffee

and people watching. Ofcourse I leave my umbrella at home so I run into

the store and am pretty wet by the time I enter the store. I walk straight to

the coffee shop for some hot latte. I get my coffee and sit in a corner on a

comfy couch. I?m flipping through magazines and people watching and I

see this beautiful woman looking at me. She is blonde, big blue eyes and

pouty lips. She seems older than me about 40. She catches my eyes and

smiles. I smile back and keep on reading. I look up again and she still

looking at me. just staring. I?m not one who likes attention so I start getting

a bit uncomfortable. She?s still looking at me so I decide to leave and go to

another part of the store.


Browsing around I land in the adult section I see this book on lesbian

erotica and I can?t help but pick it up and take a peak. Being a rainy day in

the middle of the week the store is not crowded and I feel that no one can

see me. I?m looking at a picture of two women where one is kneeling and

pushing the other woman?s legs open. Suddenly I hear a voice behind me

that says ? hmmmm that?s a nice picture, but if it were me I would push

those legs more apart.? I freak out and shut the book and turn around. The

beautiful blond woman is standing behind me, so close I can smell her


?hi I?m Mona, could not help look at you in the coffee shop. Did I make you


I reply ?no, no??not at all??I?m Serena?

?that?s a nice name?

she keeps staring at me and her eyes travel down my face to my breasts.

My t-shirt is wet and clinging to me and my nipples are hard. She can

clearly see my hard nipples and seeing I?m turned on she smiles. I?m red

with embarrassment and though a part of me wants her to reach out and

touch me I want to run. I stammer something about being late and walk


I go into the bathroom and am kicking myself, all I wanted for a long time

was right in front of me and again I got scared. Suddenly the door of my

stall opens and Mona comes in. I?m shocked and before I can say anything

she says ?I want you??I know you are scared but there is nothing to be

afraid of. Here is my address, come over tonight sharp at 7pm. Wear your

hair in two pigtails, A white bra and white cotton panties with a short skirt.

I?m going to pop you cherry and I want you looking young and innocent.

Tonight you will be my naughty schoolgirl.? Then without warning she

pulls up my shirt, pushes my bra aside, sucks on my nipple and bites it.

She whispers in my ear while caressing my breast ? did you like that? did

you like the feel of my mouth on your breast? Think of my mouth doing this

and much more? and just like that she was gone.

I walk out of the bathroom in a daze, did this really happen? Did a woman

just walk into my stall and suck my breast? I look for her all over the store,

I want to tell her I don?t do this kind of thing, it?s a mistake but she is gone.


I drive home and think, I?m not going to go, this is ridiculous. But as it

keeps getting closer to 7pm I can?t stop thinking about it. I open a bottle of

wine and drink 2 glasses before I know it and I guess the wine gives me

courage so I start getting ready. I get into the shower and while I?m soaping

my self up I touch the breast Mona sucked, I could still feel her teeth biting

my nipple, teasing it. She wants me to be her school girl??I pick up the

razor and shave my p**sy. The touch of the cold blade on my skin felt so

good. Getting out of the shower I look at myself, I part my legs and check

myself out. My p**sy looked young and virginal. I gently caress my lips

and I can feel myself get wet. A white bra and white cotton panties??..no

problem I?m not one to wear fancy lingerie I happen to have this in my

drawer. Next I put my hair in pigtails and put on this little red and green

checked skirt that I had from an old Halloween costume. The skirt barely

covers my butt. A plain white shirt completes the look. I look at myself in

the mirror and see a young girl. I walk out the door and get into the car

before I loose my nerve and drive.


Mona did not live far from me so it was a quick 10 min drive. I arrive in front

of her house. A gorgeous cape with rose bushes in the front. I ring the

doorbell and she opens the door. Mona is wearing a crisp white shirt, tight

black pants and boots. Her blonde hair is tied in a bun and she is wearing

glasses. She looks me up and down slowly and I turn red. I?m worried

someone is going to drive by her house and see me standing there. They

might even catch a glimpse of my butt.

?come in, I see you are late?

I look at the clock and I?m only 5 mins late.

?I don?t like my students to be late? Mona says ?there is going to be an

extra punishment for this!? this turns me on and I can feel my p**sy twitch.

She sit on the couch and asks me to stand in front of her. ?do you know

why you are being punished?? ? you were wet in the bookstore today, men

were staring at your breasts, you jeans were sticking to your ass? ?only

naughty girls tease like this. Are you a naughty girl?? Mona looks at me

sternly and I put my head down in shame.

?come near me, I want you to stand in front of me and turn around?

I walk to her and stand with my butt facing her. She?s quiet and I?m worried,

what is she thinking??..doing? My legs are trembling with fear.

?ooh are you scared little girl?? she asks. Mona lifts my skirt and looks at

my butt. ?I got to check out those big bouncing breasts but I did not get to

touch this plump round ass.? I?m shaking but I?m so turned on I feel like I

might cum just standing here.

She takes her hand off my ass. ?come on, lie on my lap, you need to be

taught a lesson little girl? I lie on her lap and lifts my skirt up again. Mona

caresses my ass, gently in circles then she pulls my white panties to the

side and sticks the extra material in my crack like a thong and exposes my

butt. I can hear her breathe. She takes one finger and traces my butt and

moves to my p**sy. ?uh oh are we wet? Already?? she traces my p**sy up

and down and I feel I?m going to faint with pleasure and suddenly slap!

Slap! Slap! Her hand falls fast and heavy across my butt. I cry out in pain


?be quiet, you tease! you need to be taught a lesson showing off that body

all wet making me horny?

Slap! Slap! Slap! She keeps going ? did you learn you lesson??

?yes mona, I did, I?m sorry?

?good girl, stand up and go look at that gorgeous ass in the mirror?

I stand up and walk to a full length mirror in the room. I turn around and lift

up my skirt. I can see her hand print, my butt is red a bit sore.

She walks up behind me and kisses my neck. ?since the second you

walked into that store I wanted you?

Mona lifts my shirt and removes it. She then goes onto to pull my skirt

down. I?m standing in front of her in only a bra and panties. Then she

opens the button of my bra and slips it off my shoulders. She holds both

my breasts and squeezes them. She cups them and caresses my nipples

with her thumb.

?ooooh just look at those beautiful breasts??..I bet every man you?ve met

has wanted to do just what I?m doing right now? ?nice and full, two juicy

mangoes that I need to suck.?

?I want to f***k you Serena, will you let me??

I meet her eyes in the mirror and nod yes.

She holds my hand and leads me to the couch. She sits next to me. Slowly

she sucks my left breast while caressing, squeezing my right. Flicking her

tongue on my nipple, biting my nipple, pulling on it. She then moves onto

my right. Her hand moves slowly down my stomach and reaches the elastic

of my panties. She slips her hand under and touches my clit. Her touch is

so light I can barely feel it and I want to take her and hand push it in but

she stops me.

?be patient honey?

I close my eyes and loose myself on the sensation of her sucking my right


She caresses my clit ?hmm did you shave for me??

?yes? I say ?you wanted a virgin didn?t you??

She parts my lips and feels my wetness. I?m so wet the crotch of my

panties is soaked with my juice.

Mona gets on her knees and pulls my panties down. ?we don?t need those

anymore, I want to see you, I want to see that virginal cunt?

Her face is level with my p**sy she pushes my knees wide apart, as wide

as they can go. Her face is inches away from me and I know she can smell

my juices.

?has any woman ever seen you like this? Has any woman seen this pink,

puffy cunt of yours Serena??


?do you want me? tell me you want me. tell me you want me to lick you.?

?please Mona, please lick me, suck me, I want you?

She licks my p**sy gently at first and then speeds up, she parts my lips

and f***ks me with her tongue?

I?m almost at the edge and she covers my entire p**sy with her mouth and

sucks real hard and I come like I?ve never before. My juice is all over her

mouth and dripping down her chin.

?was that good for you? Did you enjoy that?? Mona asks still caressing my


All I can say is ?yesssss?


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How i wish i can get that

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Wowwww, sweetlady nice one there #thumbsup#, very since, got me @ d edge while reading it. And I must confess it got me really really wet. Still can feel d tension.

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....you know who brought me down here. Good story.

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Loool... beneath all the bad grammar is a good story. Thank God this one isn't filed with oooohhssss and ahhhssss...

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Hahahahaha! @ ooohs and aahhhs. You forgot the "suck bitch", "come bitch and lick me like the cunt that you are!" hahahahahaha


In Hawken's words, "I have died!" hahahahaha

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Hahahaha please don't die, it's #7 days to Christmas

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Hahahahahaha! Aye aye Captain!

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Hahahahaha! @ ooohs and aahhhs. You forgot the "suck bitch", "come bitch and lick me like the cunt that you are!" hahahahahaha


In Hawken's words, "I have died!" hahahahaha


Hawken never said that. Nopes

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Hahahahaha! Something about dying sha!LOL.

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