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  2. Battle it Out

    Am in too
  3. Today
  4. Reuse the last word. ..

    Coconut fall on you 😇
  5. Reuse the last word. ..

    Hard as the shell of a coconut.
  6. What Are You Listening To At The Moment?

    Nosa - Always pray for you
  7. Reuse the last word. ..

    Yet still, she makes everything so darn hard!
  8. Reuse the last word. ..

    Are we there yet?
  9. Reuse the last word. ..

    Mehn, I just love how cool you guys are.
  10. Battle it Out

    Thanks ladies for the interest. Yay. Lol 😙 Hahahaha @Jenny1403 noted. Watch this space y'all. Pairing and time slots shall be announced by 8pm on Friday.
  11. I hereby Declare you new. Welcome back. Will be here to re welcome you next time if you decide to go AWOL again
  12. Battle it Out

    I'm in...🙌
  13. Reuse the last word. ..

    Daily life monotony can be boring mehn...
  14. If....

    Early morning meetings / trainings
  15. Reuse the last word. ..

    Habits are a product of how we do things daily
  16. hahahahahah. Your comment totally made my day. Lol Thanks
  17. Battle it Out

    Am in oo...but pliss ensure u pair me wit soji pipul **jss saying**
  18. Battle it Out

    Yay. Count me in too. Lol. (PS. a neutral person will select the subject I and my opponent will battle it out on).
  19. Reuse the last word. ..

    Behaviours if not checked can quickly become habits
  20. Battle it Out

    Count me in.
  21. scarlet

    fear church people.

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    2. scarlet


      Lol. You can say that again!

    3. kimi


      Very nice caricature photo of Asa. Tempted to steal it. Lol. 

    4. scarlet


      Goan,  It's allowed.😛

  22. Reuse the last word. ..

    "Love isn't a feeling, it is actions (behaviours)".
  23. Yesterday
  24. Reuse the last word. ..

    Days when the sky is clear are days that I truly love
  25. Reuse the last word. ..

    Too many people give unsolicited advise these days
  26. Reuse the last word. ..

    Mystery, yeah but it could be fun too.
  27. Reuse the last word. ..

    Life is a mystery
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